Rate the match: Wales 23 v 15 Italy

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Rate the match: Wales v Italy

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8 thoughts on “Rate the match: Wales 23 v 15 Italy

    1. Sums it up nicely Brighty but I think you’re a bit generous with a 6, but well done Italy, the scoreline flattered Wales.

  1. Very disappointing performance by Wales, though we all know they always start badly. Italy put in an outstanding effort & to be honest I was glad to hear the final whistle !. So a bad but winning start against a team playing well, have to be satisfied with that, this time last year Wales were one game down. One thing for sure, they will have to improve 100 percent next week or they will get stuffed.

  2. Wales played like an autumn international about sums it up . Hope it’s the kick up the pants they need and that the camp shuts up about history and 3 championships nothing wrong with targets but setting yourself up for a pratfall if you blather on about it in public . Don’t want to distract from Italy either who played a much improved game and will trouble a few sides .

  3. Backs looked ok when attacking but forwards were second best the whole game, glad to get a flattering 8 point win out the way and move on. With out some serious improvement at the breakdown next week Ireland will be comfortable winners.

  4. Very impressed by Italy – much better game plan and execution.

    Wales seemed guilty of believing their hype as favourites. Think Gatland might have made a rare mistake telling the players to strut.

    Top 4 teams are all capable of beating each other, so points difference is likely to be important and Wales have missed an opportunity to run theirs up against probably the weakest team at home.

    Still a win is a win, and they will end the weekend as one of only 3 undefeated teams.

  5. On the upside for Wales, thought Scott Williams and Paul James looked the part, as did Tipuric. What happens when Warburton comes back?

    I know it wasn’t the best performance, but Wales were able to keep the Italians at bay with reasonable ease in the end.

    Still not convinced Priestland is the answer, but I wasn’t overly impressed by Biggar either.

    Trouble for me is that when we come down to it, the 6nations is home turf to Wales. After failing to scalp a SH team in the autumn again I just don’t know how much we can take from seeing off Italy at home.

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