Rate the Match: Wales v France

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Rate the match between Wales and France, and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

Rate the match: Wales v France

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5 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Wales v France

  1. Biggest winning margin over France since 1950s. 1st time Wales beat France three times on the trot for over 40 years.

    Yes as Gatland said this team did not become a bad one overnight and this was without AWJ, Ian Evans, Jonathan Davies, Scott Williams or Mike Phillips.

    Ireland on the other hand lost yet again to England as they have 4 times on the trot now.

    So no Triple Crown or GS for SOD who limped off injured. Sometimes sporting careers like most of those in politics do end in tears.

    Still Ireland could win the Championship but who’d be surprised if France beat them in Paris right at the end?

  2. Wales’ scrum was impressive. I think that the Welsh really benefited from playing with their clubs last week. They looked so much better. France, on the other hand, were terrible. They just looked tired and worn out. A rest last week would have been huge for them, but the clubs made it clear that they come first.

    I overestimated the French. With the current state of their domestic competition, I don’t think France will be competitive at the international level, regardless of the quality of the players. First. the players play far too many games. Second, the clubs’ attitude towards the national team. Do the Top 14 clubs really benefit from being so openly hostile?

    It’s just sad.

  3. Lots of positives for Wales, but overall, it was a dreadful game for the neutral. Not least young Webb at SH I believe, and Williams on the wing.

    France were abysmal, but would have to say that Bonneval the younger looks an exciting player. I like Dulin also, in that very old fashioned French way, of part brilliant, part ordinary, part inspired, part tragic. More players like him and we’ll have the old France back.

    1. To be clear (unlike my grammar), my references to Webb and Williams were related to “positive”, not “dreadful”.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up Blub just had my “what are you on about ” mode kicking in when I scanned further down .

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