RBS 6 Nations 2011: France team to play England

Marc Lievremont has made four changes to his side to play England at Twickenham this weekend.

Sebastian Chabal comes in at Number 8, with Imanol Harinordoquy switching to the openside flank. Dimitri Yachvili starts ahead of Morgan Parra, Maxime Medard shifts to full back in place of Clement Poitrenaud and Yanick Jauzion starts at 12.

15 M Medard
14 Y Huget
13 A Rougerie
12 Y Jauzion
11 V Clerc
10 F Trinh-Duc
9 D Yachvili

1 T Domingo
2 W Servat
3 N Mas
4 J Pierre
5 L Nallet
6 T Dusautoir (capt)
7 I Harinordoquy
8 S Chabal

Replacements: 16 G Guirado, 17 S Marconnet, 18 J Thion, 19 J Bonnaire, 20 M Parra, 21 D Traille, 22 C Poitrenaud

14 thoughts on “RBS 6 Nations 2011: France team to play England

  1. An interesting change to bring Chabal into the back row, and with Jauzion in as well, it looks as though Lievremont is going for more physicality.

    Jauzion is indeed a class act, but not convinced Chabal is that good…

  2. Agreed. He is rather inconsistent. Im interested to know why hes left Parra out of the line-up as he has been almost perfect for france so far.

    Any ideas anyone??

  3. Also not sure putting Meddard at Full Back is the best option. Think Marc has done us a few favours here! Still on paper that is a very strong team1

  4. I reckon there are some mind games in here. Yachvili has won a game for France at Twickenham before and generally caused us a lot of problems.

    It just seems that Lievremont can’t help himself. Just got a settled team but just can’t resist having a little tinker. Yes Jauzion is class but he’s past his best, as is Yachvili, as is Chabal (hope that doesn’t come back to haunt me on Saturday).

  5. Hi Will, I guess (and I must stress ‘guess!’) re Parra he’s banking on Yachvili’s experience and – arguably – superior kicking game (both out of hand and off the tee).

    As an Englishman, I’m pretty pleased that they’ve kept Huget in and dropped Bonnaire.

  6. Yes, that’s probably ML’s thinking with Yachvili, and he’s a bit bigger than Parra. It must be disruptive though to change the half-backs for no obvious reason!

    Jauzion is a little bit like Hape, only slightly better in every department.

  7. mistake having chabal in there, he tends to get a bit confused in open play!

    on paper france are the better team, but if England show up as they did against Wales, the frogs could be in for a thumping.

    Especially if the frogs dont show up!

  8. Agree about Chabal. Lets face it, if he didn’t have the look he does he’d struggle to make it into any top flight international side.

    I am concerned that people are now underestimating the French. If the team on paper turns up we are in for a very tough afternoon at the office.

    Lets just hope that their defence is as laspse as it has been so far and they are too bothered trying to cover Ashton to worry about Foden et al! Apprently Meddard is a concern? Which, my fantasy team aside, is great news. Though not sure having Poitrenaud is going to weaken the team at all.

  9. With Lievremont talking up the English physicality and now picking this “physical” team it seems he’s thinking of trying to smash us off the park. I don’t think we have played a particularly physical game so far, most of the breaks/metres gained have been through exploiting gaps. It’s going to be one hell of a game.

  10. ben – eng wont be underestimating the frogs, the eng mind set for big games under MJ set seems to have really hardened. must be MJs influence.

    Have you read Jason leonards articles in the Evening standard? my god that man speaks sense when you have numpties like Barnes, Ackford etc in the papers.

    he said that if england get at them from the word go, the frogs can crumble mentally @ twickers.

    That said, if the Frogs get into us -GAME ON! they were impressive in Dublin and i wonder whether hutch etc reckon Twickers,as a venue, will be more or less of a test for the frog mentality than Dublin was.

    either way, super game ahead i cant wait.

  11. Difficult to say really. The French don’t have a good record at Twickers, which should work in England’s favour, whereas the Aviva Stadium is so new that they haven’t had time to accumulate any unhappy memories.

    Who knows though? More qualified people than me have also got nowhere in psychologically assessing the French mentality.

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