RBS 6 Nations 2012: France team to play Ireland

UPDATE: Morgan Parra has replaced Dimitri Yachvili at scrum-half, after the Biarritz star was ruled out with a back injury. Julian Dupuy comes onto the bench.

Philippe Saint-Andre has made four changes to his pack in the team to face Ireland on Saturday night.

Imanol Harinordoquy is recalled to the back row, with Yoann Maestri, Dimitri Szarzewski and Jean-Baptiste Poux all starting in the front five.

What do you think? Can Ireland beat this side?

France team to play Ireland:

15. Maxime Medard
14. Vincent Clerc
13. Aurelien Rougerie
12. Wesley Fofana
11. Julien Malzieu
10. Francois Trinh-Duc
9. Morgan Parra

8. Imanol Harinordoquy
7. Louis Picamoles
6. Thierry Dusautoir
5. Yoann Maestri
4. Pascal Papé
3. Nicolas Mas
2. Dimitri Szarzewski
1. Jean-Baptiste Poux

Replacements: William Servat, Vincent Debaty, Lionel Nallet, Julien Bonnaire, Julian Dupuy, Lionel Beauxis, Maxime Mermoz.

18 thoughts on “RBS 6 Nations 2012: France team to play Ireland

  1. cant see ire getting close to fra unless we improve from sunday dk needs to be brave and make some changes i think he sould play o brien in his best position 6 and with ferris being citied this could happen also darcy has to go hasnt played well in years id move bowe to 13 with mc fadden at 12, in saying that we have played well twice since the gs in 09 so maybe its time for dk to leave

    1. I agree to an extent – DK has been conservative, but Ireland weren’t far away from a memorable win over Wales, and their campaign would be looking very different if they’d held on for the win so I doubt he’ll be making big changes.

      That French side looks pretty handy. Interesting to see Piccamoles and Harinordoquy in the back row, and I wonder how that will affect them – could be an opportunity for Ireland at the breakdown. I really want to back Ireland to win, but it’s quite hard to do looking at that teamsheet…

      1. Seems PSA wants to rotate the backrow bit as they all deserve a shot. I think that back row still has a pretty good balance to it. I’m still surprised he didn’t go for the tried and tested 3 with Bonnaire in there, considering this is Irelands strongest area.

    2. Played well twice since the 09 GS, is that Aus at the WC and beating England to stop their GS? Surely there must be some more…

  2. There are no changes to the pack, just to the starting line up. He has swapped out Bonnaire, Servat and Debaty to the bench and their replacements for the Italy game start. No doubt we will see them all during the game.
    Got to say, any team that can bring on Bonnaire and Servat as replacements is looking pretty good.

  3. Ireland are going to get beaten, this french side means business.

    IReland really need a tight 5 and 12/13 who can compete.

    POC is solid and one hell of a player but DOC just isnt top quality , there must be someone else?

    Who is irelands enforcer?

    They also need some power in 12/13 channel or the frogs will blow them off the park.

    1. I’m not actually disagreeing with you Jimmy especially about the centre channel they are underpowerd/rubbish in that area. I cant see them beating France.

    2. Jimmy Dan Touhy for ulster should get brought in he is an enforcer for ulster and only 25 needs to be brought in for behind Mike Ross. our tight five is pretty good tho. Healy, Best, the best hooker at the world cup, Ross solid in scrum not great around the park and POC so just the 4 jersey to be filled. mc fadden can compete just we need to attack against wales we were passive never threatened them so they could concentrate at running at us. maybe Bowe is the answer but his defense against wales wasn’t great either

  4. Good point Jimmy. D’Arcy and McFadden couldn’t cope with the power of J Davies and J Roberts in the centres and as soon as North started running at them, it got worse and worse.

    Rougerie and Fofana are both strong runners and with Clerc, Medard and Malzieu running off them, the Irish centres will probably find even more difficult than against the Welsh

    Do the Irish have any centres who can provide that kind pf power?

  5. After watching Ireland at the weekend, I just can’t see them beating this French team. With Saint-Andre at the helm, they are a much more disciplined and threatening team. If this was in Ireland it could be close, but in France…….they could get smashed!

    1. “With Saint-Andre at the helm, they are a much more disciplined and threatening team”…….. They played one game against a poor Italian side in Paris where they never got out of 3rd gear but still put in a comfortable victory. A bit premature to be making such claims. I agree all signs are positive for them so far but there have’nt really been many signs.

  6. As an Irishman, delighted to see Servat not playing. Szarzewski is a fine player, but Servat’s the best hooker in the world. Don’t understand him playign against italy but not against Ireland. Don’t know why he hasn’t gone for Bonnaire, Dusatoir, and Harinordoquy. Again, Picamoles is a very strong player, but Harinordoquy is best at 8 and Bonnaire has been playign great.
    It’s difficult to argue against Yachvili, but Morgan Parra had an excellent game against Ireland last year, and I think he’s a better fit to play against Murray.
    Can see us winnign I’m afraid, France just don’t have a weak spot.

    1. pretty hard to say Servat is definitely better than Bismark du plessis but there isn’t much in it.

    1. He has got a few caps. But i dont think its that hard to see why, look at the rest of the talent they have in that area…

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