Rob Andrew stays as Johnno falls on his sword

There was huge anticipation as the RFU called a press conference with Rob Andrew and Martin Johnson this afternoon.

We knew that Johnno was resigning, but would Andrew follow him out of the door? Many felt that he should have gone a while ago, and that now his position was absolutely untenable.

“I’m absolutely not considering resigning.” Andrew said to a bewildered room.

Andrew was directly asked whether he should be staying on, and whether he ought to be considering his position, and his face suggested that he hadn’t given it a thought. ‘Why would I?’ was the sentiment.

He tried to clear up what exactly his role consists of, saying, “My job is to run the department. It’s a huge department, not just the playing side. It’s Martin’s job to run the England team.”

Then as if that was enough on the matter, he started back on Johnno’s decision and thanked him for his efforts over the last few years.

He didn’t do anything to warm himself to the room of journalists and those watching online, speaking in a supercilious manner, essentially telling everyone that they don’t know what they’re talking about when asking if he should resign.

My favourite quote of the whole charade was Andrew saying that ‘detailed reviews take time’. Don’t we know it, Rob – you seem to spend half of your time conducting them.

In terms of finding Johnno’s successor, Andrew said that he would start the process ‘as soon as I get out of here’, suggesting that he was as uncomfortable as he looked. A board would assess various candidates and then make a decision. How long it would take was anyone’s guess.

The general feeling in the room was that Johnno would leave with his head held high, honourably stepping down after a disappointing campaign, whereas Andrew was arrogantly refusing to leave, that he’s onto a good thing and doesn’t want to give it up.

The fact that he’s not accountable to anyone, and that he sits on the various boards conducting reviews into the campaign with which he was heavily involved is ridiculous, frankly. How can that review be objective about Andrew’s role when it’s Andrew conducting the review? It’s absurd.

Andrew was out of the room as soon as the RFU called time on proceedings, but not out of the front door of HQ.

20 thoughts on “Rob Andrew stays as Johnno falls on his sword

  1. For all his errors as a manager, Johnson was a terrific player and an even better man.

    I find the juxtaposition of Rob Andrew next to him in this instance very amusing. Sniveling, wretched, arrogant, desperate, pointless, aimless runt of a director and quite frankly of very little value to the RFU now. The longer he stays, the more ridiculous (if it is even possible to look more ridiculous than they do now) they will look.

    1. Well, he’s staying! Hadn’t considered resigning and clearly isn’t going to. He’ll preside over the appointment of the next coach, and probably over their tenure up to the next RWC (if they last that long).

      He’s running the entire professional game for the RFU, don’t you know?!

  2. Can we get a e-petition of 100,000 votes to vote that “Squeeky must go”? What an act of either delusion or brazen nerve!

  3. Respect to Martin..

    Mr Andrew, or may I call you Squeaky, you either cannot or will not see that your position is untenable and that the entire Rugby playing and supporting public have no faith or confidence in you, for the good of the game, and your own self respect, please go!

  4. Although I had never quite understood the role of Rob Andrew within the RFU, nor been particularly fond of him, I never fully appreciated just quite how unlikable he is. Sure what we have just seen, especially when compared to the dignity shown by MJ, has to be the end of him. It was like watching career sucide. I’m sure the RFU have appointed media advisors who were supposed to brief him on his performance, but that was unquestionably the most patronising, concieted arrogant performance in any sector that I have ever witnessed. The RFU, I fear, will never be able to move on whilst he is involved. Changes needed all round. They should bring in Simon Halliday as Chief Executive, Brendon Ventor or Nick Mallet as coach (although I would like to see Dean Richards, but sadly do not think that that is going to happen), and install Chris Robshaw as captain. The foundations of the team are already there for 2015. We just need leadership and belief now.

  5. Yes, the arrogant Andrews has to go. No self respecting coach will ever take the job while he remains. How he has survived only goes to prove what a total mess the RFU is in.

  6. Johnson should never have got the job in the first place, but any chance he had of succeeding was scuppered by the ineptitude of Andrew and the clown show he was and is running behind the scenes.

    I feel sorry for Jonno as he was bought in as the savior of English rugby, and is now being kicked out as the scapegoat – had the RFU given him proper support he might have had a better chance.

    And as for Andrew having the temerity to question if anyone understood how a business works as a retort to questioning over his position, clearly we do as in what other business would you keep your job after preceding over so many abject failures?

    Also a pretty interesting insight into how the RFU clearly places profit form loyal supporters over progression of the playing side, an attitude the Rob Andrew encapsulates

  7. To Rob Andrews

    I am a manager, and as a manager i accept full accountability for what happens in my business (the good and the bad). Start acting like a manager, take accountability, and do the right thing. Resign.

    P.s Martin Johnson may/may not have been the right person, but at least he has taken accountability for his part in the state of English rugby and done the honourable thing. Learn from him.

    Yours Truly

    A loyal fan of our beautiful game

  8. Good point Allan, Let us know how we start the petition – every friend I have who believes and enjoys rugby would happily sign it to get rid of this non-entity. Can we get a serious campaign going to remove him – leaflets etc.
    It was wonderful to see our esteemed Head of Elite Rugby – the guy that should have done so much for English rugby failing to resign following the dismal display for so long and culminating in the WorldCup.
    Sadly in my opinion integrity does not sit with the RFU. Sadly, again, Andrew, together with the other ‘old farts’ will sit in their seats with their lawyers hoping to screw the most out of the game when they are sacked – and who will be paying their severance pay – the loyal rugby supporters who are already being asked to pay £75 for seats in the Heinekin Cup Final. Rob Andrew and the rest please go!

  9. Great article Hutch! Captured the thoughts of all England fans AND players, I’m sure.

    Did anyone think he would quit, really? Why should he? Unlike Johnno who only had a couple months left on his contract, it’s in his interest to stay around until he gets fired. And to get fired you need a boss who has time to put together the case to fire you. Also unlike Johnno he has no dignity or respect left and is unlikely to be employed in the professional game, so why accelerate the end of his big money (24k a month FFS) days? Maybe a director of rugby role in a championship team. Johnno will be in the employ of Leicester before the beginning of next season. Here’s an interesting question – how many people think that if Johnno’s contract ran through the next RWC, he would have resigned today? I think that could be very different….

    None of this has anything to do with the fact that our unanimous assessment of Andrew is as a failure in this role. His teflon sh*t shield is working well, but then he barely needs it in his current environment where there is no accountability. It’s a shame that Johnno is too respectful to speak up, because it would be interesting to hear about how the two functioned together. My guess is that he provided Johnno little or no coaching or support to help him get better in his role and was very quick to distance himself from poor results.

    But no need to sweat this too much guys, Andrew’s days are numbered. Eventually, hopefully in the next twelve months, the RFU will make some moves to create some order and once they have a half decent leader Andrew will be first to go. Yeah, it’s incredibly annoying to see the smug git defiantly tell us all to f off as Johnno acts with grace and nobility, but reason will prevail before too long. The desperate need for SCW to be back at HQ has never been greater, and we all know he can’t abide the greasy oik.

  10. As many other people have also stated, i didn’t think it was a good idea to appoint Johnson in the first place with no previous coaching experience. It just feels like a bit of a waste of time to have had him in place for these few years.
    I’m not a fan of calling for people’s heads which seems to happen a lot nowadays but it’s the brazen denial of responsibility from Rob Andrew that gets me. If he is not in some way at fault for presiding over the decisions that have seen Robinson, Ashton and now Johnson ultimately fail in their efforts then who is? and if the last 3 coaches having around a 50% win/loss ratio isn’t a failure for English rugby then what kind of level are they aiming for?

    1. I wonder if there were no coaching staff for England and by public debate the best 22 were picked for each match with the captain taking training in the two days before a test – would we have about a 50% win/loss ratio? Probably.

  11. It is shameful that Rob Andrew feels he can stay on. If he feels that he isn’t to blame for years of failure (and 50% IS failure for the richest rugby nation in the world) then who is?
    If he is, as he says, doing sterling work behind the scenes why is he ignoring what’s happening on the pitch? In my opinion, he was dull as a player, disappointing at Newcastle and has been an shadowy figure displaying no ability nor moral fibre with England. In any corporate position he would have been told that 3 failed managers is 2 too many….. go Rob, go now

  12. Contrast the dignity and courage of Martin Johnson with the snivelling high-handed arrogance of Rob Andrew

  13. I loved the comment that is going around at the moment – people have been asked to bet which was the most likely – Sepp Blatter resigning, Rob Andrew resigning or.. Hell freezing over!!! My guess is …..
    Hell freezing over
    Sepp Blatter resigning
    and…. well let’s see how much I can get out of the RFU aka honest ticket paying supporters.

  14. In light of the news today and the whole of the England disreputable bunch – players coaching staff and management overseen by the twerp Andrew I sent this to the RFU – what difference will it make – none – they will continue to sup their champagne and sandwiches in front of a very mediocre england team:

    How dare you bring the game that I love and the country I support into such disrepute.
    Almost without exception you are rotten to the core and if you had some integrity the lot of you would resign. The fiasco of the world Cup is just the tip of the iceberg and the greed permeates down to the players many of whom were/are so mediocre.

    With little or no regards,

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