RWC 2011: Australia v Ireland Post-Match Reaction

Can you believe it? The Rugby World Cup 2011 has officially been blown wide open. Huge performances from the Irish pack, whilst the Wallabies couldn’t get their attack going under immense pressure.

What were your thoughts on the game?

32 thoughts on “RWC 2011: Australia v Ireland Post-Match Reaction

  1. That fcken hurt.

    Well played Ireland, thoroughly deserved. Passion and smart tactics.

    Our forward pack was outclassed. Simple as that.

    Tough road ahead!

  2. How good were the irish front row? Just a perfect time to hit some form the only worry is BOD what’s the story with him falling off tackles the last two weeks so unlike him

  3. Australia out foxed and out boxed????? One magnificent performance does not make a campaign, but a magnificent campaign entails magnificent perfomances! The thing is Ireland were not at all flattered by the result, it could have been much worse for the ozzies!! Will someone explain to me in plain english what I saw???

    Overjoyed, yet baffled in Dublin.

  4. Couldn’t believe it! Hope it’s the wake up call the Aussies need! And by the quarter finals are gonna need!!!!!!

  5. dear Australia, f*** you very much for losing to Ireland today because it now means we have to play you in the quarter finals and you most probably will beat us as usual…if you had stuck to the script then everyone would be happy but you just had to lose.

    sincerely springbok fan.

    1. u can be as sincere all u want mister springbok man, but the thought after that performance by the irish that u should just merely turn up in the quarters is laughable. watch out the world of rugby giants david is coming to slay u.

  6. “Can you believe it?”
    No, not really. Ireland narrowly lost to Oz in previous world cups by a single point. They’re a dangerous side.
    “The Rugby World Cup 2011 has officially been blown wide open. ”
    Not really, AB’s are still gonna win it, except instead of Oz, SA, and France being the only ones with any chance to stop them, you might be able to add Ireland to that list, still a BIG ‘might’. AB’s are too good. Argentina are starting to catch fire too though.

  7. I was ultimately surprised at how good Ireland was, even though I thought their aging stars could get up for one or two games they were fantastic.

    Not to over exaggerate but they have set the World Cup alight, and that is not to say that it won’t get better, but at the moment that is the first upset and every competition needs a few upsets to keep it honest. The fact that the upset occurred in the group stages and so early in the group stages only means that the conversations on the possible consequences are longer and more stimulating. I also think it will inspire a few other northern hemisphere sides or maybe even Samoa, if indeed they needed any inspiration.

    Of the SANSAR nations Australia were always my favorites to get turned over. They were fancied by many to win the tournament by many people, and still are by some. But the fact remains that I remember that England beat this team twice and made them look very ordinary at that. All the glam of their fast backs was a cover for the fact that they had a shaky lineout, an awful scrum and no recognized kicker, who wins the world cup on that premise. Their much vaunted win against the All Blacks at the end of the TN only confirmed in my head why the AB are the best team in the world.

    Australia won that day but for me the beauty was watching NZ completely change their approach in the second half and almost win the game. The greatest teams are the ones that have a number of available tactics in their armory and are intelligent and flexible enough to recognize when to change from plan A to plan B. South Africa suffer from the same one dimensional game as Australia, in their case if they can’t batter you to death then the ideas are finished. South Africa do have more experience and resilience to turn to, which is why they won against Wales but I believe that if a team can tackle their runners at the gainline and beat them at the breakdown, then they will struggle.

    Wales warned the Tri Nations of their fragility and Ireland finished the job, there is a long way to go, I still believe that the SANZAR teams are the three best in the world and I still believe that NZ are the best team in the world but I also think that there is an obvious game-plan to play against Australia and South Africa, executing that plan is harder in practice than on paper but the fact remains that Samoa, for example, knows exactly what they need to do to beat the Boks and the so does every team when playing Australia.

    The fact that we don’t know how to play the All Blacks makes them by far the best team in the world.

  8. @Kevin, Ireland effectively played their final today, I doubt they have another performance like that left in them..northern hemisphere teams can turn anyone over on their day but their days don’t come consistently enough to win a world cup, history proves that.
    On another note Australia did not have Digby Ioane, David Pocock and Stephen Moore and they are all crucial to them hence they will be way better in the quarter finals. To be honest I wouldn’t mind if the boks lost to Samoa in their last game because we have a better chance of beating Ireland than we have of beating the Wallabies( with all due respect to Ireland)

    Springbok fan

  9. I thinks its the best thing that could happen to the Wallabies..Ireland did well to win, but I doubt they will play like that again in this tournament and I think Italy might give them a fright. Well played the shamrocks nonetheless, Australia will be pissed with themselves, but if I was the All Blacks I’d be more worried about meeting them in the semi than in the final. Australia have a lot of depth, if they get going they are a very hard team to beat of their day and they are still very much a danger. I think the Wallabies captain had some interesting views on losing that game. It just didn’t gel for Australia on the day, if they played Ireland next week they’d wipe the floor with them.

    1. Poor comments Tom,Ireland stuck to their game plan and beat Australia fair and square. Ireland now have a better chance of reaching the Semi than Australia do its that kind of arrogant attitude that has left Australia in the position they are now in its uphill from here

    2. With all dues respect, or lack thereof, you are another twat that’s probably never played rugby. Australia NEVER wipe the floor with Ireland, certainly not in recent history. We were unlucky against them in the last test match in 2010. We’ve narrowly lost to them by a point in previous world cups because Ireland bottled it. Ireland were without Dave Wallace – one of our stars. Australia have better backs than we do but Ireland were never going to give them the time and space Italy did, with or without Ioane. Pocock would’ve been managed even more easily. Australia only looked liked scoring a try once in the game and spilled it, partly dues to pressure. If Ireland had a bit more luck, O’Driscoll would have got the ball that came off the post from the Sexton penalty and Murray or Bowe would have converted their chances at the end. Murray’s try was only disallowed to save Aus from total humiliation – outplayed, outmanouvered, outmuscled, and outclassed.

    3. Tom, you clearly need to go to rugby 101. Ireland won because of 2 things. (1) – their forward game was massively superior in every department. Pocock is just one man and, even if he had been there, he could not have carried the other seven substandard forwards – a number of them were playing as if it was a post match warm down. They were out-scrummaged, out-thought and out-paced at the front. (2) Ireland wanted it more. Their defence made that clear. Australia had some stand out performers like Beale, but he was just not allowed to get away because Ireland gave 110% in defending against him. If Ireland played Australia again tomorrow, even with Pocock, their forwards would still be dominating again. History has shown that when you don’t have a platform upfront, you will struggle to close games out regardless of individual talent. On current showing, Australia will struggle to get through SA, so let’s not even think about NZ.

    4. read my blog below you clown . aussie depth . well let s see . james slipper sub prop would not be in ireland squad . he pathetic , 2 centres , ye front row and cooper at 10 the worst in wc of major nations . average italy had ye on rack for first half if we on fire we destroy italy . the not good . enjoyye last match of w c in qu f v boks . i fear for ye girls in front row . anyway see you in england in 2015 . mite find a few real men in 4 years . IDIOT

  10. Tom thats a sweeping statment if ever I heared one why not give Ireland credit for fronting up & outplaying the tri nation champions. As an Irish fan what shocked me most was how naive the Aussies were. As for the whole consitancey thing …ya who knows what Ireland will turn up will it be the Ireland that beat Australia or the team that destroyed englands grand slamm or will it be the team that struggled in the warm ups. But as an Irishman I do believe the likes of Oconnel and Odriscall have a good world cup in them. now if I am to pragmatic I do hope the Aussies side of the draw can beat the all blacks……

  11. Congrats to Ireland on yesterday but we have achieved nothing yet. The Semi finals were our target in advance and now we have a great chance to do that now. But first we have to beat Russia and then beat Italy which are a team with potential to give us great difficulty especially if we take our eye off the ball. Only then can we worry about the quater final. I believe we need to produce a performance of close to yesterday intensity twice more to reach the semi final which is a big ask based on the history of Irish rugby but if any team can deliver this one can.
    Australia were my favourites to win the world cup but after there failure yesterday you would fancy South Africa to bully them out of the tourament at the quater finals which means the hosts are now my favouites to win it. I cant see any northern hemisphere team winning still even though the draw has opened up.

    1. The Rugby scrums have become a farce.There is great emphasis on the importance of strength and push of the front rowers and In the Australia-Ireland game the match was virtually won on scrum penalties for front row infringements such as collapsing but not one penalty for the Irish halfback putting the ball into the “second row” of EVERY feed he made!!!

      1. @bluey, I agree with your view that some scrums have become farcical. However to highlight the Irish feed is a bit rich. This has been present for the last two years in both Hemispheres. the Aus feed was the same. this needs to be handled by the Ref but untill the time that is the all scum halves will feed the same, they would be fools not too! So, please watch more scrums more closely and let me know whan you see a straight put in.

  12. I don’t believe some of the comments on here. Before the Aussie Ireland game I told all my friends and family to back Ireland – God we were 7 to 1 in a 2 horse race. OK! Ireland lost 5 tests in a row in August. Those were experimental teams. The last time this team were together was against England going for a Grand Slam in Dublin, much earlier this year, and they gave England one of the best lessons ever. Declan Kidney has been very clever in his build up to this World Cup and has made his best players sit in the stands and on the bench. For the first time in over six months he has picked his main players. Ireland have been waiting for the Australia game for a long time. OK! the forwards won the game, but I still believe Ireland have not peaked yet as the did in Dublin against England – I hope they keep cool heads and we can see those exciting backs grow as the tournment progresses. However, some main players will be rested against Russia, possibly most of main team against Italy (they can be damaging) and then back to first team for knock-out stages. On paper, Ireland can beat any team. I just hope they only look at the team which is in front of them on the day.

    1. well said.i think the australians are a little upset that they were beatin by the irish, thy were lucky we didnt put another 10 points on them.
      get over it lads maybe the wallabies are not as good as ye think..

  13. @thing
    Ireland most certainly did not play their last game, and I believe the Ireland backs coach could be right that they are just getting started. They had the more energy and impetus at the end. There are undoubtedly some SH fans that feel threatened by this upset. Their may also be some jealous little bigots from Wales or England who only with they were capable of a performance like this. However, Wales would still be a very though challenge, and there’s still the Italians and Russians to be dealt with. Italy are a useful side, and will have a completely different lineup against us. Regardless of outcome, if Ireland don’t win convincingly against Italy, there will be an ARMY of UK bigots to say Ireland weren’t as effective as Aus against Italy even though they’ll know fully well that it’s a different Italy side against us. They’ll just say it to be the bigots that they are. I only pray that either of France or NZ play as they can and demolish Eng in the QF stage and put them in their place as the 4th. best NH side of 2011.

    1. Marlow: Eng 4th best team in the NH? Do you have justification for that view point or would that simply be a bit of bigotry on your part? Don’t let the facts of 2011 get in the way of your argument :)

  14. Some of the comments here are wholly disrespectful.I understand that you Australian supporters are focusing on errors and mistakes you made in the game, but I do feel that you are not giving Ireland (a very good rugby team with a large number of multiple European heineken cup winners) the credit they deserve.Ireland were also without first choice players.
    Australians are coming across as very arrogant sore losers.Some graciousness would not go astray here.This I feel is also a time for humility and recognition that Australia were out thought, out fought and out played.
    The Irish tactics were also outststanding in the way they placed a huge amount of pressure on the Aussie team causing them to make mistake after mistake.

    Ireland and Australian games in past World cups have been excellent and close enthralling games with no “wiping the floor” in sight. I find that remark a highly ignorant and undignified thing to say to be honest.
    The tournament isn’t over for Australia but i would hope that this defeat will give you the humility you need to approach games in the correct manner and not just expect to turn up for the win.
    You need to accept that Ireland was better than you on the day and to honour that team with the respect that they deserve.

  15. Ireland on their day can bring such intensity! they only bring it for the big games but this is knock out rugby from now on and i think we can do it! a controlled frensy was what beat oz and england in the six nations we might not have the best attacking game any more but we have one of the best defenses and we have the oldest heads in the tournament! the scrums and our chock tackle stopped oz in their tracks and they couldn’t fiqure out away of avoiding us creating a maul u see the emphases in sh is different than in NH thats why i think england ireland and france can excel in the knock out routine that new zealand arn’t use to!!!

  16. ireland win on sat no surprize at all . the best rugby this year was the heinieken cup final and the semi final v tolouse . these were two incredible games , great quality in contrast to the super 15 final which was a dreadful game . question for the aussies? how many queensland reds players would have made either side . A . not many . look at sat game . our centres , p o connell our front row and our 6 and 7 far superior any day to their opposite numbers . we could even change our two half backs with no problems . where is all this aussie depth we hear of . their sub prop who came on would not make a provincal side in ireland . tri nations should cop on . that sup 15 is a very average competition now . crowds down and standard poor . n z mite still win wc prob . but game nearly up for s h sides

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