RBS Six Nations 2012: Scotland Player Ratings v England

15. Rory Lamont 6

A valiant effort from Rory Lamont at fullback to inject pace into the Scottish game but lacked that final push.

14. Lee Jones 6

Slightly overpowered by his colleagues at the back during the first half, Jones struggled to make a real impact on the game. Was more settled in the second half however, and there were a few darts and line breaks, unfortunately little came of them. Shows some real promise though.

13. Nick De Luca 5


12. Sean Lamont 5

Has not learnt the lessons of the World Cup, particularly when it comes to quick ball. Lamont was too greedy with it and thus slowed Scotland’s game down.

11. Max Evans 6

Another player guilty of not passing the ball. Evans’ performance was full of his attempts to break the line and was gutsy, but his efforts did little to advance Scotland.

10. Dan Parks 5

Predictable, played straight down the centre, failing to utilise the wings. Poor decision making at times, and Scotland were stronger once he was replaced. Successfully kicked both penalties to give Scotland their 6 points.

9. Chris Cusiter 6

Dogged and scrappy, Cusiter spent most of his game digging the ball out from within the mounds of bodies.

1. Allan Jacobsen 6

Strong in the scrum, and decided to do the backs job for them by attempting to dart through several gaps in the English line.

2. Ross Ford 6

Has a quiet style of leadership, focused on leading by example, which he did, however Ford did not look as comfortable as he usually does in game play, I do think that the pressure may have got to him slightly.

3. Euan Murray 6

Gave as good as he got, especially in the scrums.

4. Richie Gray 7

Made some good tackles and ran through the English line a couple of times with some powerful breaks. Dominated in the lineout where Scotland were definitely stronger.

5. Jim Hamilton 6

Started very well, with a speedy line break from the off, however did not maintain this standard of performance. Good energy, but perhaps channelled in the wrong way for this sort of game.

6. Alasdair Strokosch 5

Quiet. Kept his head down and tried to get on with the task in hand. Made a few handling errors including fumbling the ball in what would have been a definite try for Gray.

7. Ross Rennie 7

A good performance from Rennie, he was determined and full of pace. Another player who shows real promise.

8. David Denton 8

A very strong start to his Scotland career, Denton hassled at the breakdown and was determined to get the ball driving forward.


16. Scott Lawson (Ross Ford 75mins) not enough time to impact upon the game.

17. Geoff Cross (Euan Murray 75mins) not enough time to impact upon the game

18. Alastair Kellock (Jim Hamilton 59mins) continued in the same vein as the man he replaced.

19. John Barclay (Alasdair Strokosch 59mins) a good 20minute run from Barclay, more noticeable than the man he replaced.

20. Mike Blair (Chris Cusiter 59mins) forms a good partnership with his Edinburgh cohort, Greig Laidlaw; Blair was darting and tried his best to ensure that the Scottish game kept going.

21. Greig Laidlaw (Dan Parks 59mins) plays the style of rugby that Scotland need; injecting freshness and pace to the flagging side. Result could have been different had he started.

22. Graeme Morrison not used.

by Christine Lester

6 thoughts on “RBS Six Nations 2012: Scotland Player Ratings v England

  1. Dan Parks with 5 is very generous, he was the stand out performer in that match, he deserves a 1 or 2 to clearly show just how much of a negative effect he had on Scotland.

      1. He gets too much credit for kicking points. He does this for the Blues, the problem is that he turns try scoring opportunities into 3 pointers. Whether it’s by drop goals or by continually taking the wrong option and fluking a penalty by the oppo when the try is on. He then gets the credit for a 15 point haul when the Blues should have won with a 4 try bonus point.

        This year the Blues have a few bonus points for 4 try hauls, NOT ONE has come when Parks was at ten, all have come with Sweeney at ten. Says it all about Parks for me. He ruins attacking rugby, he makes his outside backs redundant. He should be scored a 1 or 2 at most, Laidlaw showed how that game should have been played by Scotland. 20 more mins and one of those breaks that Laidlaw had a hand in setting up would have stuck… even Scotland can score 1 try from 10 chances.

  2. I take your point. But in the situation, had he not been kicking points then there would have been a whitewash.

    Had Robinson taken a chance and started Laidlaw, or Weir then these ratings could have been very different. Laidlaw and Blair work very well together, and we should be seeing far more of them for Scotland if Scotland hope to create the try scoring opportunities that they don’t get with Parks.

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