Seven years ago today…

You can’t watch this clip enough in my view. Well, maybe if you’re not English it’s not quite as good, but hopefully you’ll forgive a little indulgence.

It’s now seven years to the day that England won the Rugby World Cup in Sydney, and you can relive the glory with the video below.


What were you doing seven years ago today?

10 thoughts on “Seven years ago today…

  1. O’Neills, Battersea Rise. Magners had just arrived. Three of those. Three Guinness. Stella. Champagne. Back to my cousin’s house with more beers whereupon Sky Sports had the game on loop all afternoon as we sang Elvis songs and drank ourselves retarded.

  2. Section B, Row 22, Telstra Stadium, Sydney. 3 pints before the game, four pints per half, dropped goal is hazy, as is the rest of the night at the harbour. Great days.

  3. did you only post the article in order to trump everyone else’s memories?!

    mine was mate’s house, acton, pretty hungover, hitting head on ceiling light at winning drop goal then cracking open the champagne which i believe in another story altogether had been donated to my mate by Phil Greening for having thrown his trainers in the Thames.

  4. Newbury Rugby Club and I’ve never been so drunk so early in the day. Nearly made myself sick jumping up and down so much after that kick and then nearly got a divorce when on the phone to my mate I said “this is the best day of my life” – apparently my wedding day was more important.
    Looking forward to repeating that again next year.

  5. Woke up, got dressed, went to pub. Full English and a coffee. Repeatedly told my mates that I’m not having a beer, far too early for that and it could get messy if I did.

    5 mins, Tuqiri scores – shit, get me a Stella, just one to calm my nerves then I’ll be OK. Two quick penalties, much less nervous now. Another penalty, positively calm now. Robinson for the line, get in, positively bullish now, only one team in it. 14-5 and comfortably the better side.

    Penalty, 14-8 – oh well, still playing well. Another penalty, 14-11 shit, get me another Stella. The rest of normal time is just a blur, as is most of extra time. The next thing I remember is that as Mat Rogers walked away from his kick to touch, he just looked like he knew what was going to happen next – check it out on this clip.

    Thereafter my day carried on much like everyone else’s – the mother of all piss ups – don’t ask me when it finished, I don’t know. Woke up in a haze still wearing my England shirt.

    Though watching England has remained stressful, I’m pleased to say that Stella has not become a regular part of my breakfast.

  6. yes; i got my ‘happy anniversary’ text from a fellow tourist known to some as ‘Farm’ this morning. don’t recall my seat number but have the ticket somewhere. total elation and relief after an agonising day waiting and waiting for the late (8pm) k-o without getting too hammered – amnesia wouldn’t have been clever on this occasion. i remember going body-boarding at manly in pouring rain to while away a few minutes
    given the pouring rain and the fact that many venues were cutting their losses and closing at midnight-ish in central sydney, we struggled to find a venue for post-match beer when we got back into the city at around that hour. traipsed around loads of places before we found some dive that would let us in, and served until 5ish, 6ish, with full-on partying and some classic toons. ‘glad all over’ sticks in my mind among others. at about 4am my phone went mental as the network cleared and about 30 text messages from blighty poured in. first boat of the day back to manly at 0730 and recovery brunch six-seven hours later, with print-outs of the english papers and a very very pissed tindall and balshaw in the restaurant. fantastic… probably the trip of a lifetime, but as an optimist i’m hoping there might be another one, somewhere some time, that comes close… thanks for indulging this stream of consciousness…

  7. On my own in front of the telly in Holland. I even think it was the French TV5 who broadcasted it. How depressing. Never knew that it could be soooooo intensive to watch a game on your own, without any alcohol.

    The most impressive I found the congratulation speech of Gregan. 10 minutes after the game, just lost your biggest match in your life after a great fight and comeback in front of your home crowd and then saying something like: “Well deserved England you where the better team, great game of rugby congratulations again and thank you all”. Wow….that was for me the turning point of never going to watch any football again and focus myself only on the rugby. Best decision I ever took.

  8. I was on my final excercise at Sandhurst had just perfomed a full on beach assault from a landing craft a la Normandy landings but in Cyprus then we all got loaded into trucks taken into camp a given a few beers watched the match then back out for a night attack on the enemy village.

    Does that trump Hutch?

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