Six Nations 2013: Italy team to play Wales


Jacques Brunel has named his team to take on Wales on Saturday. Martin Castrogiovanni captains the team in Sergio Parisse’s absence. The game kicks off at 14.30 GMT.

15. Andrea Masi
14. Giovanbattista Venditti
13. Tommaso Benvenuti
12. Gonzalo Canale
11. Luke McLean
10. Kristopher Burton
9. Edoardo Gori

8. Ratu Manoa Vosawai
7. Simone Favaro
6. Alessandro Zanni
5. Francesco Minto
4. Antonio Pavanello
3. Martin Castrogiovanni (capt)
2. Leonardo Ghiraldini
1. Andrea Lo Cicero

Replacements: Davide Giazzon, Alberto De Marchi, Lorenzo Cittadini, Quintin Geldenhuys, Paul Derbyshire, Tobias Botes, Luciano Orquera, Gonzalo Garcia

9 thoughts on “Six Nations 2013: Italy team to play Wales

  1. Never say never, but I think Wales ought to win this one. I think it’ll be tighter than they like though. Even losing Parisse, the understudy is no slouch and Italy are just getting tougher and tougher to beat.

    That said, every time I give them a fighting chance they get thumped so Wales by 15

  2. Anyone think its strange there is no mention of Parisse’s ban on here and how he gets banned for 40 days (10 suspended) for being abusive towards a referee but a knuckle dragging thug like Cian Healy only gets two weeks for intentionally trying to break the ankle of and attempting to end a fellow professionals carrer?

    Something doesn’t add up here.

    1. I agree with you here. And by no means am I saying Parisse shouldn’t have been banned; because he should, but it does not add up.

      How can anyone suggest that what Healy did is more favourable in the game than what Parisse did?

  3. Wales will be relieved with not having to worry about Parisse and the likelihood of a comeback has just gone up.
    I find it absolutely disgusting that Parisse will miss the rest of the Championship for swearing but Healy only misses one game for stamping and punching.

  4. Agree healys ban should have been longer if it was football nothing would have happened to parisse think wales will win by 10 or more

  5. Absolutely gutted about Parisse’s ban (especially annoying considering I have got ticket to England vs Italy and he was THE player I wanted to see most) but this is not football, and Rugby players most uphold honor on the pitch like no other game, or face the consequences.

    Parisse’s replacement looks like a bit of a beast though, I doubt he’s as good, but I can’t say i’d like him running full tilt at me.

  6. I rather feel that abusing a match official is a very serious offence in Rugby, and without knowing the full detail of Parisse’s actions, feel that such a ban should be the minimum for such an offence.

    I also feel that Healy’s ban should be longer, but I do not gauge the stamping to be a worse offence than the official abuse.

    Whilst abusing the ref does not carry the risk of breaking bones (obviously), it could equally carry the risk of finishing a career – perhaps not on the single occasion, but certainly if it is allowed to go unpunished and develop into an accepted form of behaviour. As we see in some other sports!

    1. I’m a bit iffy about his ban and the red card to be honest. From match officials completely ignoring it and letting players get away with it to a straight red and 30 days ban for one player is a bit much. There was a subtitled video that I saw. You don’t hear Parrise’s initial words, but he is insisting to the referee (and fairly respectfully) that he only said “we can’t play like this”. It’s pretty far from the worst I’ve heard in chat back at the referee. The only obvious swearing came after the sending off where he referred to it as “a shitty decision”. Perhaps the French are annoyed at him for leading Italy to a win and decided to get him out of the tournament… or is that being cynical?

    2. Well yes, but the only career it risks finishing is the career of the person committing the offence.

      It is absurd that some insults flung in the heat of the moment can be treated more seriously than stamping and punching.

      A ban was correct for Parisse as no one wants to see that type of thing in rugby but for it to be severe than Healey’s is an absolute farce.

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