Six Nations predictions for Round 4

The Six Nations is now entering the final stages, and in eight days, we will know the final standings, whether Ireland have won a Grand Slam, or whether France have thrashed Italy to steal the title from Wales and Ireland.

This weekend’s matches take on additional significance as the teams in contention will be whittled down further so that there are fewer teams with realistic title aspirations.

Here are my SuperBru predictions for the weekend:

Game 10: Italy v Wales: Wales by 18
Game 11: Scotland v Ireland: Ireland by 8
Game 12: England v France: England by 4

I’d like to think that Italy will put up a fight at the Stadio Flaminio, but the Azzurri have been so disappointing so far this season and I can’t see anything but a convincing Wales victory. They’ll be ensuring the win in the first half and then will do their best to pile on the points in the last quarter.

There has bee some speculation that Scotland will end Ireland’s Grand Slam hopes at Murrayfield, but I can see Declan Kidney’s men going to Edinburgh to do a very professional job and grind out a result. This won’t be the prettiest of games, but the experience and determination of the Golden Generation should see them through to set up next weekend’s finale.

On Sunday, England host the French at Twickenham, and rather disappointingly, Marc Lievremont’s selection is not as mad as a March hare. His side looks strong in every area, particularly the back row, but England seem intent on preventing their opposition from playing rugby. They’ll kill the ball, probably have one or two players in the sin bin, but I can see them upsetting the temperamental French so much that they scrape a rare victory.

What do you think? What are your predictions for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “Six Nations predictions for Round 4

  1. England v France
    England by 2 (a strong French team, but Johnson will not allow his team to loose).

    Italy v Wales –
    Wales by 12 (may be a lot more, maybe a less, I don’t know).

    Ireland v Scotland
    Ireland by 15 (I dearly hope I am wrong, as a big points difference could give Ireland the championship).

    If you take France out of the picture there have been no upsets throughout the tournament, therefore maybe England will continue that trend and beat France this weekend.

  2. I’ve gone for a Scotland win in Edinburgh. They always seem to spoil the party for one team at home each season, mainly England. Ireland seem such a sure bet, but we all know they have the capacity to fold and retreat into their shell.

    England by 4, and Wales by a lot in the other games.

  3. There will be one upset I think by which I mean either England or Scotland will win not Wales lose , I’d be happier if we had Martyn Williams and Adam Jones on the bench but I can’t see Italy getting near in fact I’d hope for more than a twenty point win to tee up the finale next week nicely.

  4. Sorry guys, but I disagree. If wales lose today and Ireland win (or vis versa) then I am sure Wales/Ireland will come out fighting next week and probably play their best rugby as a matter of pride. However, if it comes down to next week being the decider, I think both teams will be too cautious to play exciting rugby and it will turn into an england game – dull and boring!!!

    I seriously hope we win tomorrow, but more than that I want to see flair, passion, pride and conviction in how we play. If not, as ashamed as I am to say it, I may actually find myself cheering on the Frogs!

  5. For the boys in white playing tomorrow and every Englishman in the world, this is for you (sing along people – I know you know the words):

    “swing low, sweet chariot. Coming forth to to carry me home”

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