The extraordinary Brendan Venter post-match interview

Saracens’ outgoing Director of Rugby clearly loves a television interview, and here are his latest thoughts after Saracens were beaten by Racing Metro in the Heineken Cup.

Having been fined by the ERC for comments about a referee, and having been at the centre of various other controversies, last month he stated that he would not do any more media work.

However, there must be something in the ERC terms that meant he was wheeled out in front of the Sky cameras to give a quite exraordinary interview:

8 thoughts on “The extraordinary Brendan Venter post-match interview

  1. oh dear – a very sad day for Sarries. With a squad like theirs, they should be in the press for how well they are playing not what a childish sore loser their soon to be DoR is.

  2. Unbelievable! Not sure what he was trying to accomplish with that “performance”, other than to make himself look like a right idiot – maybe he is being lined up to replace PDV!?!

  3. Guys it was a serious joke at the ERC desire to prevent honest opinions when they fined him before. And Sarries nearly won despite having a 19yr no 10, the other two are injured, Strettle playing 13 instead of 14 due to injury, two wingers not first choice because of injury and full back also injured. And he had to do the interview even though he had previously announced he was not going to talk to the media due to his fines – erc rules say he must talk whether he wants to or not, the club cannot field an alternative.

  4. It was obvious that he was getting back at ERC, but having watched it a few times, it’s arrogant and disrespectful. Saracens get paid to play in the competition, and they ought to fulfil their obligations if they are going to accept that money – this is two fingers in the face of the governing body and the fans from a man that clearly doesn’t care anymore. The more I watch it the more it winds me up!

    The idea of a ‘serious joke’ made me chuckle though…

  5. What a total egomaniac. Maybe if instead on stewing on the perceived injustices handed out to him he concentrated on doing his job his team would not have lost all 3 Heineken Cup games. He seems to think he’s Jose Mourinho and that it’s all about him, the key difference being that he has not won anything.

    Also his banter’s rubbish. If you’re going to be stroppy and make a point like that you could at least come up with some decent lines rather than just going ‘Yah, yah, I’ll have to think about that, yah, good point’. Woeful chat.

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