The Rugby Blog Caption Competition III

The Rugby Blog is pleased to bring you another Caption Competition, with a great prize on offer from Fitness Footwear.

Leave your witty caption to go with the photo below, and the best entry will win a pair of the very popular Merrell Intercept trainers.

Caption Competition

The competition closes at the end of the day on Friday 3rd April, and winners will be notified on Monday. To check out the prize, take a look at the Merrell footwear range on the Fitness Footwear website.

19 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog Caption Competition III

  1. Is Geordan Murphy saying ‘no Ronan, not Brokeback Mountain, I said do you fancy a trip to Table mountain!’

  2. Look Ronan I know the Lions tour is supposed to bring the home nations closer together but do you not think this is taken this a bet far.

    Mind you, your eyes go a beautiful colour under floodlights.

  3. I’ve got a surprise for you darling. I’ve asked the nice groundsman to run us a nice hot soapy bath, with scented candles, bath beads and a selection of our favourite toys!!!

  4. ‘You let go first’
    ‘No, you let go first’
    ‘OK, on three…1,2,3…you didn’t let go’
    ‘You didn’t let go either…’

  5. Rog to Murphy “I’ve spoken to Peter, and he thinks its time we start seeing other people”

  6. ROG to Murphy “Lions jerseys are Red,
    Lions socks are Blue.
    You look good in Both,
    That’s why I love You!!”

  7. All is going well until the debate about who’s going to wear the trousers in Rog & Geordan’s new-found relationship…

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