The Rugby Championship 2017: Round 6 Predictions

Kieran Read

Rugby Predictions

Here are my predictions for the final round of Rugby Championship matches this weekend.

South Africa v New Zealand
Having declared before the last meeting between these two powerhouses that the ‘All Blacks’ aura is fading’, I was put right by the 57-0 thrashing of the Springboks. That result has been quite deflating for the rest of the world, and I’ve never known such little excitement about a South Africa v New Zealand fixture, which is usually a highlight of the Rugby calendar. Even Allister Coetzee said this week that he didn’t expect the Springboks to win, and it feels like most Springbok fans would like to pretend it’s not happening.

Having rested a few players for the trip to Argentina, Steve Hansen has recalled his big guns and will be looking to put the Springboks to the sword once again. I suspect the South African players will have more pride and determination to win than the coach, and surely they won’t concede 57 points again – and surely they’ll score more than 0?

Since the Rugby World Cup semi-final, where New Zealand won by 2 points, the winning margin for the All Blacks has gone from 28 to 42 to 57. That upward trend should end, but it’s likely to be more than 20 points.

My prediction: New Zealand by 23

Argentina v Australia
For all of Argentina’s development and a couple of good results against the Springboks, they’ve lost the last 6 matches against Australia by an average of 18 points, and they’ll probably lose this one too.

I haven’t been able to watch either team in the tournament so far, and I won’t be watching this one either in the middle of the night UK time!

My prediction: Australia by 13

How do you think the games will go?

6 thoughts on “The Rugby Championship 2017: Round 6 Predictions

  1. I think the first AB v SA game was a case of flattering to decieve. Yes the ABs played well but the Springbocks played woefully. The most recent 24-23 one pointer was more of a contest as the Springboks (with their many problems of both the political and the coaching kind) decided to turn up!
    So i would argue the ABs are not out of the woods yet!

  2. See what 1 of the authors here means about a lack of interest. Insular or what? I understand people having a ‘nationalistic’ preference, but surely with the HI’s looming, not to mention a WC approaching in the rear view mirror, a few here could look outward occasionally to see how their team/s might compare/compete with the SH? Or maybe if they’re ignored, the SH won’t present a threat?

  3. Regrds the AB’s being presumably in the ‘woods’ (eh?), they had a bonus point clean sweep whilst having tried a myriad of ‘new’ players @ the same time. Still No.1 (NOT 2) & oh, BTW they only put a w record 57 on SA fairly recently. Any takers on that from the NH this Nov? No, not you Walter Mitty! Not interested in ‘cobblers spouters’!

    1. Don P
      Your sounding jittery and unsure of yourself already. A single mention of yout team perhaps not being what it was of old and 16 lines of petulant rant. I’ll sign off in 3 sentences i think. Job done!

    1. Never said they were facts….but kind of you nonetheless to say that what i write is factual in your opinion. I do my best!


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