Video: Highlights of Gavin Henson’s first start for Sarries

As a tribute to Gavin Henson making his first start for Saracens, we’ve put together a showreel of his contributions to the game against Sale.


Needless to say, the video didn’t take long, but it’s representative of the contribution I saw – his performance was hugely disappointing after all the hype.

Following his brief cameo last week, Henson said that he gets a bit bored at 13 and would rather play at 10 or 12, but on this evidence, the Saracens coaches must be wondering whether he deserves a place at all.

The worst aspect of it was that he looked disinterested. I wanted to see him return to rugby with renewed hunger, demonstrating his desire to get back into the Welsh setup rather than just chatting about it in the media.

I’d like to see him withdraw from the spotlight a little, put the hard yards in at training and then look like he wants to have an impact when he’s next given a chance.

10 thoughts on “Video: Highlights of Gavin Henson’s first start for Sarries

  1. If he’s serious about his return to rugby, hats off to him. I’d just like to see how serious he actually is by demonstrating that on the pitch.

    Until then, I’m finding it far too easy to write him off.

  2. he’s never been a 13, never will be a 13 and playing him there is a daft waste of his wages. Not saying he would be any good at 10 or 12 atm, no idea, just that even when he was at his best putting him at 13 would have all but removed him from the game.

  3. I agree to an extent, Nick, but if I wanted to play 12 and they stuck me at 13, I’d bust a gut to impress the coaches enough to move me inside. Instead, he floated around the pitch looking like he didn’t want to get involved.

    He was still easy to spot though because his jersey was brilliant white even when others were covered in mud.

  4. Agreed – but that’s Henson for you, and why many don’t feel he would ever have been a 15 (or a 13). He doesn’t hunt work when it’s not on. That works fine when at 10 or 12 (sort of) as play naturally flows through him – but when he is further removed from the action he is out of it, and isn’t likely to get back into it.

    The major issue with him has always been keeping him focussed and interested. right now it looks like Sarries are just about to learn that.

    Though tbh they brought it on themselves playing him at 13. Has tried and failed before, not sure why they thought it would be a success now.

  5. Brad Barritt has been playing well at 12 and is knocking on the door for England, so I can’t see him being moved aside for Henson. Owen Farrell is playing pretty well at 10, and I’d probably pick Goode over Henson there at the moment, so Henson needs to give everything he’s got just to get in the side, and then take any opportunity he gets.

    It will be interesting to see how many chances he gets from now on…

  6. I don’t usually agree with Austin Healey but on this point I will, we should all stop talking about Henson until he does anything to make us stand up and take note. He has been talking up his chances of a Wales recall, but if he puts in any more performances like this one, he will be dancing at the Millenium Dome before he is playing at the Millenium Stadium again.

  7. It’d be interesting to see how his fitness compared with his peers. I’d love to see how Sean Edwards would react if Henson doesn’t match up to where he should be and tries to offer some excuses and reqests for special treatment.

  8. Absolutely. I can’t imagine Edwards is going to tolerate him looking like he doesn’t care. It would be great to know how his ‘tests’ went.

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