Video of the Week: The Top All Black Tries of 2013

An unbeaten year has, unsurprisingly, produced some breathtakingly good tries. Of the 51 they managed (averaging 3.6 per game), here is a selection of the best. Sit back, relax and enjoy the top All Black scores from 2013.

(Video courtesy of NZ Rugby’s YouTube channel)

Which is your favourite?

11 thoughts on “Video of the Week: The Top All Black Tries of 2013

  1. Couple of points; firstly, who the hell throws that pass on about 3:02 against France? The 30 meter ball out to the wing? It’s insane.

    Also, the tries showed how much time Kieran Read spends hanging on the shoulder of wingers and centres? He seemed to receive almost every offload. It is something that gets frowned upon a lot when we look at NH back row players. Look at Croft, he gets slated for it. Whilst I don’t want to in any way suggest Croft and Reads work in the tight is the same. Does this highlight a potential flaw in the way we view back row players in the NH? Other than Parisse, is there any number 8 that we see playing the way Read does up here?

    1. Jacob, I think you answered your own question. Read doesn’t get slated because he does or appears to do much more in the tight than Croft.

      His timing and reading of a game is just superb

      1. Pablito; does he though?

        I have absolutely no idea on the stats, but I’d love to see some comparing the number of rucks hit and tackles made compared to other back row players this Autumn.

        I absolutely do not know the answer to this by the way. I have certainly never thought this or noticed this before; it is literally a thought on the back of all those tries where he is out on the wing.

        Also, cheers for the above Jamie.

        1. No idea, just an impression I get. Would like to see the stats

          Anyway, you are really comparing apples and oranges here. Read is an 8, Croft a 6

          An 8 should be doing what Read does (and Morgan and Vunipola have started to), busting over the gainline and creating holes for other players.

          He can go hanging around on the wing and mid-field because players like McCaw & Messam are doing the hard work backing him up and securing the ball

          If you play Croft at 6 though, it means you can’t have an 8 like Read because it would unbalance the back-line and put too much onto the head of the 7.

          1. I agree with you that it is about balance, but I don’t necessarily agree that it should be an 8 or a 6 or whatever. Traditionally the ball carrier has worn the 8 shirt but it does not have to be the case.

            It is a point a made recently about the centres, playing styles should be paired up without worrying too much which number they wear, it also applies to the back row, and to a certain extent, the back three.

            I still don’t think I’ve seen any NH number 8 play as wide as Read does. Carrying, yes. But not in the channels that Read carries in.

  2. Read has deliberately taken a wider role for the ABs this year, as a part of the NZ game plan. As a result he’s doing less breakdown work – the ABs are tactically committing as few players to rucks ass possible unless a turnover chance presents. This gameplan nearly came unstuck vs Ireland, as the Irish did really well at shutting down Nonu and co before they could get the ball out to Read & Savea on the left.

    Vs Ireland Read wasn’t in the top 3 NZ forwards for either number of carries, breakdowns attended or tackles made which shows how well the Irish game plan kept him out of the match.

    1. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not criticizing one of the back row players carrying the ball in wider positions. It was more of an observation than a criticism.

      The point was more around NH attitudes towards back row players compared to NZ.

      1. No worries mate, I didn’t think you were criticising – I was expanding you point after you spotted the tactic, and then rolled on to noting the risks involved in it using the Irish example.

        As far as Croft etc cropping up out wide, I guess it depends on the fans’ attitudes to style of play. England have never really played a wide game, so someone who’s out there is breaking the usual pattern – and unless it is noticeably successful people will criticise that.

  3. Its the defensive side of things a player like Croft is criticised for more i think. Read works incredibly hard – and usually NZs breakdown work is highly effective. That is shown in their results i believe!

  4. The simplicity of some of those tries is breathtaking. Little things like standing men up, running with the ball in two hands and great support play is incredible. Whats even more disconcerting, especially for NH sides, is that these basic skills aren’t learned when they get to the All Blacks squad, they come fully equipped from a young age to do them! We have to get our kids better prepared to play International Rugby!

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