Wales captain Sam Warburton banned for three weeks

Here is the official statement from the IRB:

Wales’ Sam Warburton has received a three-week suspension after admitting committing a ‘dangerous tip tackle’ contrary to Law 10(4) (j) in the Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final against France at Eden Park on 15 October.

Warburton was ordered off by referee Alain Rolland during the first half of the match.

Tackles involving a player being lifted off the ground and tipped horizontally and then forced or dropped to the ground are illegal and constitute dangerous play. The IRB Memorandum issued on June 8, 2009 stated that such tackles “must be dealt with severely by referees and those involved in the off-field disciplinary process.”

Having conducted a detailed review of all the available evidence, including all broadcast angles and additional evidence from the Player, Warren Gatland and submissions from his legal representative Aaron Lloyd, the Independent Judicial Officer, Christopher Quinlan QC (England), determined the ordering off to be appropriate in Law and the action in line with IRB directives to Unions, Teams and Match Officials.

The Judicial Officer concluded that the offence was mid range on the scale of seriousness, which has an entry point of six weeks.

He found that there were no aggravating features and there were compelling on-field and/or off-field mitigating features including the Player’s admission, outstanding character and disciplinary record and remorse. Therefore, the suspension was reduced to a period of three weeks.

The suspension takes effect immediately and will run up to and include 6 November, 2011. He is free to resume playing on 7 November.

8 thoughts on “Wales captain Sam Warburton banned for three weeks

  1. Never mind sam you can have a well deserved rest ,you have been a beacon of light in a the dark tunnel of welsh rugby…. your dignity shines through…come back and win it for us in 4 years ……

  2. Cheer up Sam. Don’t do that again. You’re a great player who doesn’t deserve regret. Wish that didn’t happen ….

  3. little point in a hearing if they back the refs decision no matter what.The ref was wrong the irb have duty to say so.

    1. The Ref wasn’t wrong, spear tackle = sending off, what if he would of broken Clerc’s neck and paralysed him?

      The right call was made, it’s a shame the two best teams in the tournament aren’t in the final but move on.

  4. …An unbelievable decision and despicable refereeing. Sam is a great clean player with an outstanding record and similar tackles in the tournament have resulted in far less serious consequences …. madness.

  5. Having contributed to the original debate about the whole issue and raised the point about the worse decision in the match: giving Wales a penalty when Charteris had clearly infringed twice on the ground.

    I am relieved in a way that Halfpenny missed the kick.
    I was pleased to hear Pienaar bring up the incident ( does he follow this blog?).

    The whole situation has now degenerated, on these pages, into pathetic name calling and allegation of bias or conspiracy theories.
    The fact that Burger was only given 2 weeks is irrelevant.
    The treatment of the players who put O’Driscoll out of the Lions are irrelevant.
    The lack of any penalty to the (SA) player who speared Shane Williams into a shoulder injury is irrelevant.

    The referee is respected and trusted .
    That Warburton is a superb player and captain is irrelevant.

    The referee made a call.
    The players accepted it with good grace.
    The management dealt with media enquiries with dignity.

    Nobody died.
    That’s rugby.

    Draw a line under it and move on.

    Cymru am Byth.

  6. Wales played excellently in all their games and should go into next weeks game with a great chance of finishing 3rd.

    The complaining about the sending off is discrediting the Welsh performance, whether he meant it or not Warburton performed a spear tackle on Clerc and got sent off in the letter of the law.

    If a Pacific Islander would of performed this tackle and got sent off no one would of bat an eyelid.

    The likes of Jonathan Davies should shut up and leave alone, respect Allain Roland and his decision, move on and lets not drag the game we love and revere down to the level of Football.

    Being English I think wales could walk next years Six Nations and build from there.

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