Wales v Ireland: Initial Reaction

Wales beat Ireland at the Millennium Stadium, winning 19-13 in a dramatic, if unspectacular match.

Ireland led early on through a Brian O’Driscoll try, but James Hook’s boot kept the home side in touch – and it was after half-time that was the crucial play of the match.

When Mike Phillips scored after an illegal quick line-out, it looked as though it would be a turning point – Paul O’Connell and Brian O’Driscoll were both livid that Jonathan Kaplan let the try stand. The quick throw should not have been allowed because a different ball was used from the one that was kicked out by Ireland.

Ireland had a chance to win the game at the death, and it looked as though they had worked an overlap, but they borught it back in-field, presumably looking to get closer to the posts to make the conversion easier. Unfortunately it didn’t matter, because yet another knock-on brought the match to an end.

That quick throw-in will be the main talking point – what did you think? It was clearly a crucial score, but did Wales deserve to win anyway? Or was Ireland robbed.

We’ll be bringing you player ratings, interviews and analysis in due course, but leave us your comments here in the meantime.

13 thoughts on “Wales v Ireland: Initial Reaction

  1. Yeah, not the greatest spectacle, was it? Feels like bit of a hollow victory for Wales, but I’m sure they’ll take it.

    My wife said towards the end, “Who deserves to win this?” and I had to say, “Neither team.”

    A bit of a shame, because I was expecting a cracker. And a shame because I’m now 0 from 2 with my predictions this weekend. England won’t let me down will they?

  2. yet again, we got a win by boring the opposition into errors and mistakes and kicking the points

    oddly enough, when mr johnson and mr wilkinson coached by sir clive did this in 2003, they got gongs…

  3. This game made my stomach churn. For years the welsh team have stretched the rules and to be fair all teams wil ‘try it on’, but this was a blatent all time low of cheating on the field. You cannot blame the officials although I was surprised that they did not take the option of a third opinion. The crux of the matter was knowingly taking a throw with the wrong ball and the throw itself being illegal. This is an all time low in the history of Rugby.

  4. OK, the try should not have been allowed, but I am alone in cringing whenever JS walks on the pitch? The turning point was not the illegal try, it was taking RO’G off the pitch and replacing him with JS, How many matches has he cost Ireland now? Surely they can not put him on the pitch again. Even I could have converted the kick he missed without getting out of my chair.Selectors, would you please be more selective and give the team a winning chance, not a handicap

  5. ‘All time low in the history of rugby’ is overstating it slightly. It was a little cynical from Phillips who made the initial run, but he probably thinking about which ball was which. The referee asked the touch judge if it were the same ball, and he said, ‘Yes’ – why they didn’t check it I’m not sure.

    What made it more annoying is that it became the crucial score because of the ineptitude shown by both sides for the remainder of the game. Ireland were chasing a score, but they just kept on kicking possession away, and then they butchered a great chance at the end trying to get nearer the posts.

    John, interesting views on Sexton. I’ve been a big fan previously (mainly on the back of Heineken Cup performances for Leinster) but he wasn’t great when he came on. Saying that, ROG was looking out of sorts with some pretty average kicking as well. In fact, the whole backline kept doing rubbish little chip an chase kicks that got them nowhere.

  6. Terrible decision by the officials, reversed the outcome. Both O’Gara and Sexton kicked poorly – and others just punted good possession away – typically Sexton with 3 mins to go.Ireland’s decision making was erratic and the coaching has to be questioned. The Welsh defence won this game, along with a dodgy touch judge.
    Now we have to stop the Brits getting a GS. Bring on the game in Lansdowne Road

  7. For the viewers not a glorious display by both teams as well as by the match officials. The latter in particular deserve yellow cards given their ineptitude in handing the result to Wales: one can only hope they apologised after the match for their incompetence!!That said Ireland should have assured matters in the final minutes.

  8. main blame for this match isn’t the score ireland would do the same! rog to win against south africa! is a worse example of cheating and i didn’t complain!
    kidney is to blame ireland are following the same path as munster. won very conservative rugby tried to develop but play neither game well anymore. and it has to be down to the coach his selection policy is on loyalty and history did a job for him before. mc fadden should be in the team touhy, cullen, jennings and trimble but he doesn’t pick the team well. his bench is a joke

    john murphy johnny sexton had a shaky start but his handling at the end to create the space for wallace to butcher was pure class! rog picked very very poorly out of hand. redan was a lost stringer kicked and passes poorly at times

    defo need to pick on form sexton with redan give him a fast service jennings to win us balls wallace on the bench as a world class impact! leamy to get lost as he is a brainless bit of mussel, fitz on the bench bowe 15 trimble 14 mc fadden 12 give the backs speed and youth darcy is very one dimensional

    i couldn’t give a crap about the welsh try if ireland played sensible and to their potential they would of been able to win by more than a point! to have that small a margin to say its an injustice is irelands fault and undoing! we have such good talent the system is wasting it !!! i want a rotation policy enforced not just when injury comes no one is irreplacable!

  9. I acknowledge the ROG was far from his best, notwithstanding, he converted two kicks and it is apparent that the team have tremendous confidence in him, JS on the other hand, he just has no confidence in himself and I am sorry, but he cost the team the game against france also, ROG was again rolled out there and again put points on the board, JS is just not the man for the No 10 jersey. Yes he and the rest of the backs displayed some ball skill towards the end and the only reason the try was not scored was because they ducked inside to make the kick easier, knowing that JS cant kick for toffee on the big stage. Sorry please dont play him against England, Play ROG for the full game so we can enjoy a victory. thanks

  10. ok, so an easy lesson in how to look silly, he (JS) came out and played a brilliant game against England and was awarded the man of the match, and entirely justified. He showed a confidence, I’ve not seen in him before and he excelled, SJ, you were fantastic yesterday against England, very well done.
    John Murphy

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