Walk 4 Matt is Ready for Launch

And Walk 4 Matt is underway. Sort of, a little bit anyway. Today sees us get control of the barge boats that we will be sleeping on (and in my case, driving). More importantly it sees us have something of a launch party.

Officially this is a good opportunity for media relations stuff. If it is anything like last year then there will be some TV crews and other media type people pottering around for a bit. Since I have a face for radio (check the photo if you don’t believe me) and a voice for writing I spend the first hour or two making sure I am nowhere near any of them…we want to be attracting sponsors, not scaring them off and giving them nightmares!

The Real Walk 4 Matt Launch

But then the fun begins…drinking, hog roasts and music! Whilst this might not sound very charity event like, all the money raised from us getting drunk our dedication to charity goes into the pot, so it’s good to know that every beer we sup is helping such worthy causes.

If it’s anything like last year then I’ll still be drinking at 3am, dreading that we will be getting up at 6am to get things going.

The things I do for charity...

Actually I really hope it’s nothing like last year when my barge boat not only had a flat battery but when they got it going made it all of a mile before we had to call someone out to replace the battery again. We ended up being a couple of hours behind everyone else. Let’s hope things get going a bit smoother this time…

Despite that I am really looking forward to the party, and to the rest of the week. Last year I was lucky enough to make some good friends amongst the walkers and other boat crews, and it will be good to catch up with people and meet new ones. Not to mention the various rugby stars that tend to be part of this great event – showing the stars also care that rugby is able to look after it’s own.  Hopefully Nick Heath will be grabbing one or two for interviews for next weeks podcast.

This week is going to be hard work – maybe not as hard as it is for the walkers but late nights, early mornings and 12 hours stood at the ’tiller’ (what are they called on barge boats? If anyone knows let me know in the comments) means I’m going to need a week off after this week off. Certainly my liver will.

Please do sponsor this great cause, more of an explanation why you should can be found here. Every penny is gratefully received. Click this link to sponsor me and help severely disabled rugby players and children alike.

by Rugby Nick