Warren Gatland set for surgery after 3 metre fall in New Zealand

Wales coach Warren Gatland requires surgery on both his left and right calcaneus after a 3 metre fall at his beach house in New Zealand. The accident happened on Easter Monday morning in New Zealand.

He was cleaning windows when he lost his balance and fell three metres onto concrete taking the full impact on his heels. He suffered multiple fractures to the right calcaneus and also a fracture to the left calcaneus. Consequently, he is in leg casts and requires surgery by the leading orthopaedic surgeon in the Waikato to reconstruct his right heel.

While in New Zealand Gatland will continue to receive information primarily from Rob Howley, Robin McBryde, Shaun Edwards and Neil Jenkins as they observe and monitor squad players and potential players over the next few weeks.

Further information gathered by the Head of Physical Performance, Adam Beard, Head of Performance Analysis, Rhys Long and National Medical Performance Manager, Prav Mathema, will also be sent directly to Gatland.

Although it could be several weeks before he fully recovers he is expected to be able to return to active coaching duties before his recuperation is complete.

Following heel injuries, patients are able to put weight on both heels for the first time from after a few weeks to up to three months as a worst case scenario, which would cut in to Wales tour of Australia in June.