Watch and vote: Try of the Premiership season so far

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Which is the try of the Premiership season so far?

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12 thoughts on “Watch and vote: Try of the Premiership season so far

  1. For me it has to be Wade’s against Gloucester. No other player in the league, potentially the world, could have scored that try! How England could do with him in the 6N!

  2. I normally get depressed watching these videos because of how poorly they stand-up when compared to southern hemisphere “best tries”. Not so this time and there’s some corkers in there! Probably Welch gets it for me…

  3. Great team try by northampton for elliot’s vs gloucester- freakish strength by north, raw pace by elliot to finish, but think Ford’s was the best- spectacular individual skill and why I really hope he gets a cap this 6N!

  4. Some top notch ones there, impressed by Welch’s finish as well as Ford and Wade’s running, but I think the team play for Elliot’s try against Gloucester wins for me

  5. What are they feeding their locks down at Exeter?? Fantastic tries from both of them – and a great attempt at a last ditch tackle from Watson

    What a shame Wade won’t be showing us what he can do on the 6 Nations stage

  6. I think Exeter must have the quickest 2nd row pairing in world rugby history!
    All great tries. One thing I have noticed in rugby forums is a few posters (mostly seem to be Leinster fans, not sure why such a great team with majority cracking fans has so many d*cks) banging on about how crap and boring the Premiership is.
    Those days are gladly over, and at the beginning and end of the season when the going is good it’s a great time to be a rugby fan.
    Can’t wait for 6n to start- let’s hope for more of the same!
    Ps. Saints and Jim Mallinder have done me proud. Sorry we couldn’t be battling it out in the QFs of the Heineken!

  7. Some nice reminders of Wade’s amazing running ability. Elliot’s effort Vs Glaws is just a sensational team try. That’s the slam dunk winner for me.

  8. Annoying that the best two tries are both against Glos! Reckon Elliott gets it but North is just a force of nature. He’s going from strength to strength.

  9. Really don’t think ford should get it on account of the fact he probably didn’t score. mazy run though :)

  10. What I love is the blend of tems trys and individual talent. Some of the saints and bath trys are unbelievable. Individual skill and well drilled teams full of players that enjoy working with each other. Let’s hope at least a little, hopefully a lot, of this plethora of magic rubs off on the national squad.

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