Your questions to: Brian Moore

On Wednesday, moments after the revised Elite Player squad is announced, Nick Heath will be sitting down with ‘The Pitbull’ Brian Moore.  If you have any questions for the man, add them here or email .  The interview will be in Thursday’s podcast.

5 thoughts on “Your questions to: Brian Moore

  1. Wow, what a coup. Great player, great leader (will never forget the legendary “give ’em f*** all” rallying cry), a combination that is scarce today. I can think of at least 20, but here’s three to consider.

    If Martin Johnson asked you for advice, ideas on what you would do differently in his position (I know, never going to happen, but stick with it), what would you tell him?

    If SCW had got the Director of Elite Rugby position instead of Rob Andrew, how would things be different?

    If you were selecting the side, and assuming the key contenders were fully fit, who would you pick for the 10/12/13 combination that has caused us so much trouble over the last few years?

  2. I believe that Brian is an old boy of Nottingham University. Did he play for the Uni and what are his memories of his time there?

    Selfish i know but there are few Notts Uni old boys who are heavily involved in this site!

  3. Please just answer one question that constantly bugs me. Why doesn’t Sky Sports News and more to the point Rugby Club show highlights of any Six Natiions games? It clearly impacts on their ability to give a more rounded opinion on the players. Is it arrogance as Sky don’t have the total rights,please explain because BBC have MOTD for the football?

  4. Yes, it’s a broadcast rights issue. I love Sky, but it is embarrassing when they trot out footage from the 2002 Autumn Internationals when they are talking about a certain player.

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