Zinzan Brooke: “I want the All Blacks to lose to France”

The third instalment of This Is The Game sees the usual messrs Carling, Brooke, Henderson and Quinnell offer their latest thoughts on the Rugby World Cup.

4 thoughts on “Zinzan Brooke: “I want the All Blacks to lose to France”

  1. Ireland beat the tri-nations champions and still the ‘top teams’ are saying they are going to throw games so they can play us. Bring them on, any team that is willing to lose a game to get a handy draw will not win the world cup.

    1. No they’re not. The only people I’ve heard saying that are people (not very clever people I should add) posting on the internet.

      You’d rather ‘face’ Ireland than Aus for various reasons but that doesn’t mean you’d actually go and throw a match over it. I’d rather face England than Aus, as we generally do much better against England, and they’re often really fired up against then, but I don’t think Ireland would throw a match to avoid Aus. It’s not that big of a difference and you’d risk an awful lot to do that.

      1. Ireland have not qualified yet and Italy are 8/1 with the bookies to qualify – a decent
      bet. I’d stick a few quid on it myself if it wasn’t Ireland.
      2. If Italy qualify, they are very unlikely to win the group. Australia will have vastly
      superior points difference and surely more bonus points. Italy are rightfully about
      33/1 to win Pool C. Paddy Power has them at 275-1 to win Pool C.
      3. So, there’s still a very decent chance that by throwing a game they would set up an
      early confrontation with Aus – not clever, and damaging to morale.
      4. Unlike most ‘bloggers’ etc., National teams actually know what they’re doing.
      By throwing a game, you lose morale, the team loses it’s cutting edge and quite
      frankly, risks going out of the tournament in the Pool stages. Also, any team that
      throws a game will alienate the other teams and fire them up that bit more to want
      to beat them.
      5. Rugby was played for a very long time absent of test matches, and there was no
      ‘throwing’ of matches. For historical reasons, it is more frowned upon in rugby.
      6. Ireland were unbeaten by ANY team in 2009. They have an excellent defense and
      defense coach. If a team does score tries against us, it will just force us to open
      out our own not in-formidable back line.
      We seem to have hit form – at exactly the right time – the beginning of the WC.
      There should be plenty of big games left in us.
      7. Teams like France or the AB’s will be scolded more at home for losing to Ireland.
      They can accept a close loss to a top-3 nation but not Ireland who are #6 (and

      However, in the unlikely event the AB’s will throw the match lol :) If they do I won’t support them to win the competition if Ireland exit that way – boo hoo

      1. Re: the youtube video
        I found them all a bit retarded except Will Carling – the only one who seems lucid and intelligent on rugby matters. * I agree with him that I can’t see an NH team winning the WC, but that’s not to say it won’t happen. It can and may happen.

  2. When the World Cup was in Wales I remember seeing the Quinell brothers drinking themselves silly in Brannigans the night before a match. They were tossing women around. Next day one of them missed the game with a bad back. Now he says you have to find a quiet bar! LOL

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