RWC 2019 Warm-ups: England Injury Updates

mako vunipola

Mako Vunipola and Jack Nowell are set to miss England’s first pool stage games at the Rugby World Cup.

Eddie Jones mentioned in his press conference after the Italy game that they ought to be back for the France game, and possibly to face Argentina, as reported on the BBC.

“He’s probably going to be right for the third or fourth game,” coach Eddie Jones said after England beat Italy 37-0 in Newcastle.

“He just had a little scar tissue which was impairing his movement. But that’s all been fixed. He’s progressing really well now.”

“Jack Nowell is probably in the same category” Jones added.

Joe Launchbury and Luke Cowan-Dickie should both be fit, despite early substitutions against Italy.

Losing Vunipola as one of only 5 props is clearly of some concern, whilst there’s a little more cover for Nowell out wide, and you wonder if Nowell should be replaced in the squad if he’s struggling to be fit.

After all, England were already out of the World Cup in 2015 by the time of the 4th pool match!

10 thoughts on “RWC 2019 Warm-ups: England Injury Updates

  1. it may be harsh but can we take a risk on Mako?
    Given that we are so close to the start of the competition, I’m dubious. Of course, we have no access to the training camp so we can only speculate.

    1. As a point of interest Acee, SCW took a hamstring torn Richard Hill to the 2003 WC. Hill missed the group matches, but recovered in time to play a couple of important games, 1 of which was the final! Doesn’t nec follow that MV will do likewise, but.. probably worth a punt?

  2. I do not know where I stand here, you want to take your best players but what’s the point if they are injured? Would you ride an injured horse into battle?

    I appreciate Mako is considered the best in his position but we have a depth of talent in both his and Nowell’s’ positions so why risk it?

    Also the comment about England being out by the time of the 4th Pool game in 2015, I would be massively shocked if this were the case in 2019, no disrespect to Tonga and The USA and Argentina but they are no Fiji, Wales and Australia, I only expect Argentina to pose much of a threat.

    I can see the argument both sides whilst sat here on the fence.

    1. I’m all for keeping Mako and Nowell as they should be fit by the time it matters. Tonga/USA should be easily navigated without them and provided they can get match sharp for the big games then they are the best players in their positions and add something others can’t. i would expect them to both be playing off the bench in the ARG/FRA games

  3. Makes sense. No need to panic just yet or ride wounded horses into 1st round battles. Not ideal, but it is what it is. Are MV & JN likely to add to or detract from the England team? If the latter, the ? is answered. NZ are taking the injured Retallick as he clearly adds to the AB team. There is likely effective cover in both instances. However, anyone would surely want their best team on the pitch. Providing injuries are fixable & not @ the expense of fitness, then the injured players should stay IMO. If not, better to jettison ASAP! Sorry, but more concern @ a lack of 8 cover for me.

    1. Agreed personally I would drop Francis for another 6/8 but would be equally happy to see McConnochie swapped. Unfortunately at this stage we can only swap for injuries

  4. If MV & JN are unavailable for the group games, then England must forget about them until the nxt stage. Instead concentrate on Genge, Marler, McConnochie, Watson & Daly. It’s an opportunity to play, swap & rotate these ‘replacements’. Valuable game time, WC exp for them v not too onerous opponents. Don’t see England being overly under gunned @ prop & it’s up to Genge & Marler to seize their chances. Also, McConnochie needs game time. Ideal chance, I think, to blood him in Japan. Might play a peaky blinder or 2!? Also an opportunity to give Daly & Watson time together? Makes sense to give Watson a run @ 15 & Daly in his former role of 14? Even rotate the pair @ 1/2 time, or during games depending whether they’re on attack or defence? Whilst the perceived incumbents recuperate & get up to speed, giving their ‘replacemsnts’ max exposure in the 1st round seems to represent a low risk, potentially high reward, strategy to me.

    1. Don P all viable and reasonable observations especially with McConnochie it would be good for him to have game time against Tonga and The USA especially with Tonga leaking like a broken teabag against New Zealand.

      Plenty of opportunity to stand up and be counted and I agree that Watson and Daly interchanging or swapping positions isn’t a bad thing.

      I starting to move off my fence and taking my horse to the vets!

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