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Six Nations 2020: Ireland v Scotland Rate the Match

Tell us what you thought of Ireland’s win over Scotland in Dublin this afternoon.

Tell us what you thought of Ireland’s win over Scotland in Dublin this afternoon.

Who played well? What were the main talking points?

Do Ireland look like a team that will win the Championship?

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Ireland were workman like. Lacked tries, although 1st one was good. Struggled at home to contain a toothless in the red zone Scotland. I can’t recall anyone particularly standing out. On this performance, don’t think they’ll trouble England at Twickenham. For Scotland, Townsend needs a slap. They had about 5 try scoring chances, but butchered the lot. They also kicked pointlessly & too far, especially when they needed points. As for Hogg! Unprofessional? You bet. Scotland need better coaching. Better running lines, knowing how to draw the opposition on to them & when to offload. And how about driving in twos, threes, not one out, towards, rather than away from, the posts. Hastings stood out as aimlessly hoofing it at times. Johnson looked dangerous. Set piece more solid than I expected, but unless GT can get them to be more efficient in the opponent’s 22, then they are unlikely to trouble England either. Mind you, if they do learn to finish off just before the end zone, they might.

Thing is Don, if Scotland are at all likely to have one good game (or half) it will be against England. I have Scottish friends and most have said that they never expect to win a six nations but as long as they beat England they don’t mind!

As for Ireland, I didn’t expect to see much improvement beyond their poor WC form. Pretty much same squad with their No2 coach now at No1. Does anyone know what length contract Farrell signed with Ireland?


So long as Ed doesn’t ‘t let England think that DM, then they should still have too much fire power. Also, unless Townsend gets Scotland firing in England’s 22 v their ‘D’, where do Scotland’s points come from? Doubt the boot will be enough. Could be wrong & easier for me to state. However, although Scotland’s approach play was good at times, utilising dummy runners, their finishing was an Achillies heel. Good point about A Farrell’s contract. I dunno.

Ireland very unconvincing playing at home. Thought they were better in opening match against England last year. Faz and Catt not exactly a coaching marriage made in heaven. Scotland were very wasteful and sloppy and Hogg does go in for egregious errors. One thing is likely and that is they will be a lot better against us at home.

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