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Six Nations 2020: Ireland v Wales Rate the Match

What did you think of today’s match at Lansdowne Road between Ireland and Wales?

What did you think of today’s match at Lansdowne Road between Ireland and Wales?

What were the main talking points? How is it looking for each team in this year’s tournament?

Let us know what you thought here.

7 replies on “Six Nations 2020: Ireland v Wales Rate the Match”

Good one Tim.
Wales were abysmal. Ireland dominating and only when they eased off did Wales manage to create anything.
Wales finally found out for the mediocre team they are.


Jeeze Jake! It was 1 game. It too was mostly an arm wrestle until Ireland got away. Don’t know what evidence there was about Ireland easing off either. Perception maybe? Do you think England in comparison were world beaters after their ltd grind & kick policy?

Disagree Don
Think Ireland showed more intent and were better going forward. They led most of the attacking stats.
Wales came alive in the second half but didn’t show much.
Nothing to do with England do, maybe just your perceived bias?


Yr criticism of Wales seemed unduly harsh & to write them off after this 1 game. No skin off mine, but Ireland were at home & looked fairly ordinary v Scotland. Disallowed try might have made a difference. This coming from, presumably an Englishman, seemed a bit rich after England’s 1 try grindathon & 47 kicks! Regds stats BTW, the Jocks had more poss, territory v England, but couldn’t make them count, so these can be misleading.

IMO Wales trump card of being a hard to beat side has now become their achilles heel. They seem to play a game of absorbing all the pressure and then hanging on in there trying to break the will of their opponent. It worked for a while, but I feel this also let them down in the WC with a narrow (gifted) win against France and a blunt performance against SA in the semis. Ireland didn’t do anything amazing yesterday, they just played what was in front of them and opened up light on the scoreboard that Wales could not claw back. Wales looked short of energy in the second half.

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