Unpredictable Gallagher Premiership season continues

Charles Piutau

Here are the results from the weekend’s Gallagher Premiership fixtures, along with the percentage that predicted the result on Superbru.

Sale 28 – 18 Wasps – 82%
Bath 22 – 13 Northampton – 21%
Gloucester 12 – 21 Saracens – 43%
Harlequins 14 – 19 Worcester – 9%
London Irish 36 – 11 Leicester Tigers – 43%
Exeter 17 – 20 Bristol – 8%

The Bristol win at Sandy Park was the biggest surprise of the weekend, with Quins also losing at home to Worcester a major shock. Only one match went as planned, with Sale Sharks beating Wasps on Friday night.

I had expected Saracens to be rattled by the salary cap revelations last week, but such is their winning mentality and unrivalled depth of their squad, that they were able to win at Kingsholm in front of a particularly hostile home crowd.

The results mean that Bristol top the table, and deservedly so, but no team remains unbeaten after Northampton lost at the Rec.

The Tigers are bottom, and although it’s early days, will there be alarm bells ringing after that thumping by London Irish?

What did you think of the weekend’s Rugby?

23 thoughts on “Unpredictable Gallagher Premiership season continues

  1. Who would have thought that come the start of the champions cup Pool 1 would be the group of death
    Lyon leading the Top 14
    Saints leading the GP
    Leinster leading Pro 14
    Benetton leading with the bookies to finish bottom of the pool

  2. Worcester looking pretty decent this year. They were unlucky to lose to Exeter last week and have now gone on the road and beaten Quins.
    Bath are trying their hardest to be as inconsistent as possible which, as a Bath fan, means I’ll spend half of the season pulling my hair out and the other half rejoicing.
    Not sure what is happening to Wasps. Sale are tough to beat at home but to concede 18 penalties, some in great field position, is really poor.
    Exeter had Slade, Nowell and LCD back yet couldn’t record a score in the 2nd half. Hogg looks sharp but they need to play a lot better if they’re going to challenge for the title this year.

    1. Spencer and Singleton started on the bench for Saracens.
      Slade started for Exeter with Nowell and LCD on the bench.
      No other players back as far as I know.

  3. Very happy as a Worcester fan. The loss to Exeter felt very Worcester like (play really well and then fall away slowly until we completely arse it up somehow) but the Quins game was the opposite. Hoping for more of that.

    Bristol look fantastic so far, will be interesting to if they can keep it up.

    I’m not happy London Irish won. Personally I don’t want to see any team with Paddy Jackson in it achieve anything.

    Tigers look about the same as at the end of last season and must be desperate to get their internationals back. I don’t think we can say how they will go until they’ve got a few games with Ford and May back who are game changers. It’s not looking good for them though.

        1. Thanks Don. This didn´t get a lot of coverage in Spain and I had forgotten who was involved. I suppose there are two ways of looking at it. Firstly, he was in the end found not guilty, though from what was in the public domain it is hard to see why. On that basis, plus if he has shown he is genuinely remorseful one could argue that he deserves a chance to redeem himself. On the other hand, his behaviour was not exactly that of a role model for aspiring young players and one can see why many people don´t want him associated with the game at all. I don´t know enough about the details of the incident to judge which is the better approach.

          1. Jackson was cleared of the charges but was still sacked by Ulster and jettisoned from the Ireland setup. Given this punishment, and the remorse he seems to have shown, I would argue he has paid his dues.
            I do think some of the comments from the chat were unsavory but then it is hard to know how genuine they were are given they were made in a private chat group never meant for public display.

          2. Wasn’t so familiar myself. Though PJ was acquitted, was there doubt about this due lack of evidence? I think the woman may been somewhat elephant’s, but can’t state as I don’t know for sure. In any case there’s no excuse for taking advantage. Her name was publicly dragged through the mud. Could it have been that Ulster, Ire didn’t believe Jackson, or & deemed his later comments so unacceptably repugnant that they sacked him regardless? Whatever & without meaning to seem sanctimonious, this awful incident leaves me feeling repelled.

              1. Well Jake, I did have a couple of questions for sure. They still seem relevant to me as perhaps they also did to Ulster, IRU & the L Irish sponsors whom pulled the rug. In retro, it still seems a contentious case at best, leaving the question, perhaps amongst others (like why would the complainant go through all this with so much to lose?), as to whether the accused were given the benefit of the doubt? I suspect that I may not be the only one wondering about the answer to this question, although I can’t know with certainty it’s answer of course. However & in any case, was the accused’s behaviour afterwards, illustrated by their texts, at the v least not somewhat C U Next Tuesday-ish?

  4. The Championship too is looking quite competitive too Although Newcastle top the league they have only really spanked Hartpury and Jersey whilst the other three teams kept the results competitive with Bedford and London Scottish sealing losing bonus points.

    Ealing haven’t had a launch into their usual Bridesmaids position currently in 4th with The Pirates 2nd and Coventry Rugby (C’mon lads) 3rd, that being said my beloved Coventry face the daunting task of visiting Kingston Park Sunday…..

  5. Team o t week according to Nero’s T’graph:1 Obano, 2 Annett, 3 Stuart
    4 Skelton 5 Botha 6 Luatua 7 B Curry 8 Hughes 9 Heaney 10 Lance 11 Loader 12 Hutchinson 13 Taylor 14 Morahan 15 Burns. Any budding, old Eng bolters in there? EJ saw Irish v Leicester. Loader, Hobbs-Awoyemi got raps.

    1. Obano is a young ball carrying prop with potential
      B Curry is as good as his brother

      4,5,6,10,12,13,14 are tied to other unions
      Hughes and Burns have been tried before

      1. Yes, a lot of SH players included. However, I recall Obano having been highlighted before (by you?) , also the other Curry (by you again?). Yes again, Burns, Hughes been tied but, particularly in the case of the latter, new club, possible rehab? Loader, Hobbs-A?

        1. I might have mentioned Obano as he has been in a couple of training camps before but think 2 Currys would make for an unbalanced backrow so wouldn’t recommend it

    1. Charlie H I think he is ‘Top’ and a few more great performances will have him ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ but I wonder what his ‘AchillIes Hell’ is?


        1. I think an Achilles Hell must be when you have to spend eternity with your ankles on fire Don. Who does Annett play for? Not seen him play. And please can somebody steer me to a right result on Superbru for Harlequins. All wrong so far this year and only three right all last season, which is a bit embarrassing when one has supported them for over sixty years.

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