Fantasy Rugby – Countries XV

Diplomacy has been put aside by Alex Cook for this XV. Packs don’t come much mightier than this, although finding a suitable language for line-out calls may prove difficult. Perhaps not the most politically correct XV but where’s the harm in a bit of stereotyping?

Countries XV

1. Russia – big, mean & cold
2. Holland – low centre of gravity & a hotbed of talented hookers
3. USA – super-sized, imposing powerhouse with a short fuse
4. Tibet – a dominant force in the lineout, composure and temperament to balance out 2nd row partner
5. North Korea – big guns & won’t take any shit
6. Kenya – wild & will run all day
7. Australia – a thieving nation by origin & will do anything to win
8. Brazil – large but skillful, good footwork
9. Germany – organised & efficient service, but don’t expect a smile
10. Cuba – the general, Latino flair and a master at deceiving and avoiding much larger opposition
11. France – adds a certain I don’t know what
12. China – ambitious, growing in strength with potential to conquer all before him
13. England – organised in defense, and good foil out wide for a powerful pack
14. Greece – a slippery customer
15. Afghanistan – resilient under attack & stealthy penetration behind the opposition line

Interesting that Wales and New Zealand both don’t make the cut…as ever, suggestions are welcome.