Aviva Premiership Try of the Season shortlist announced

Aviva Premiership Rugby has been the scene of some stunning tries this season but six have emerged as the cream of the crop in the race to find the ITV Sport Try of the season.

Forwards and backs are equally represented in the list as are team and individual scores.

“Stunning one man finishes and tries that travelled through a dozen pair of hands stand side by side on this so I know how hard it was to decide on the winner,” said Phil Winstanley the Rugby Director at Premiership Rugby. “Looking at them, any of the top six would be a worthy winner.”

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16 thoughts on “Aviva Premiership Try of the Season shortlist announced

  1. Maybe I’m slightly biased but Christian Wade’s in unbelievable. Some great team tries in there, particularly Mumm’s and Elliott’s, but there are not many players in world rugby that would have scored Wade’s try.

  2. Wade’s is brilliant – particularly cos that’s either JSD or Sharples that he burns on the outside – and that’s not easy to do

    However, any try of the year nominee that involves wither a prop or a lock (and not just crashing over after a team move) gets my vote. Mulipola for me

    1. Mumm for me, partly because of the offload, partly because of the intimate celebration that follows

      1. Are you referring to whatever happens at about 59 seconds when the first guy arrives? Because I am so glad I’m not the only one who noticed.

  3. Wade’s. He stepped the same.number of Gloucester defenders as North but in half the space. One of the only players on the planet that could have scored that try. And North didn’t have to burn anyone for pace as Trinder and May just fell over and gave up.

    1. I think I’ve become de-sensitised to Wade. He scores so many tries without a hand being laid on him that tries like the one against Gloucester don’t really register with me any more.

  4. Despite the offload in Mumm’s try, and the footwork and speed of Wade, I go for Kelly Brown’s try.

    Good passing, good support, goo offloads, like most of the tries. Unlike the others however, there are at least two occasions when the defence appear to have stopped the momentum in the tackle and yet Saracens manage to keep the ball alive, and reinvigorate the pace of the attack.

  5. If Twelvetrees hadn’t kicked that dodgy penalty a minute after I think Elliott’s try would feel that much better. Between that, Wade and Mulipola for me. Mulipola’s probably the most enjoyable, but Wade’s is the one that made my jaw drop. And the funny thing is he’s scored better.

    Really don’t get the hype about the Kelly Brown try, poor execution from the second Ashton gets the ball. The poll seems to reflect that.

  6. John, I believe that the poll reflects the fact that most people think other tries are better. I don’t think it reflects the reasons why.

    However, having seen your comment I have watched it again, and I am not sure what part is poorly executed, as I think they twice recycle superbly, despite very good Northampton defence.

    It is of course popular to criticise Ashton (and I am certainly not a big fan of his) but the defence did very well to cut off all of his options, and yet he still managed to set the ball up despite the three tacklers.

    Barritt’s vision (and I am not a big fan of his either) to switch the point of the attack was excellent decision making. Vunipola showed very good appreciation of his support and the position of the defence, to delay his pass (and indeed, to not take the ball into contact), and Botha’s offload from the ground out of the back of his hand, really enabled the momentum tp continue. Browns finish was very well executed – not quite Christian Wade of course – but well taken nonetheless.

    One may not agree that it was the best of the bunch, as they all have sublime skills involved, and good reasons why they would be supported, but to label it as poor execution is a little wide of the mark methinks.

    1. Blub,

      I just think, compared to the work in the build up for Elliot’s or especially Munn’s, this is a little sloppy. Farrell goes blindside instead of openside, then the ball goes to ground twice. A bit of luck involved perhaps.

      Brits is fantastic, he makes the initial break and I think it’s actually him who makes the switch. And Ashton doesn’t do anything wrong no, that’s just the point where, for me, the try loses any notion of being really spectacular.

      1. Well that’s the beauty of this game isn’t it? I understand your points, but simply have a different perspective.

        For me, I chose that one because the players kept their heads when things did not run smoothly, kept the ball alive, scanned to see where the next best opportunity arose and amended their actions. I guess that it is because it didn’t go smoothly (or in Wade’s case, rely on sublime skill), and because the ball went to ground twice, I plumped for it.

  7. In the days before consistent TV replays I rather suspect that Abandenon’s try would not have been awarded (knock-on in goal).

  8. Struggled to decide:
    – Best team try: Elliott
    – Most fun to watch: Mulipola
    – Individual brilliance: Wade

    Gone for Wade. Many were declaring him out of form when he banged this in as he hadn’t scored bucket loads in the first few rounds. His foot can’t mend soon enough!

  9. Amazingly, up until last weekend, Wade had scored the same number of tries as Ashton in the Aviva Premiership this season.

    Can you imagine the fun he’d have been having in the good weather :(.

    Still, next season!

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