Fantasy Rugby: Popstars XV

Richie McCawOur popular Fantasy XVs feature returns, with another sterling effort from Kemlo Longstaff.

It’s not Popstars that could play rugby, but rugby players with Popstar names – such as ‘Lionel’ Richie McCaw on the right – take a look below and you’ll get the idea.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions for selection.

1. Tim ‘House of’ Payne
2. ‘Bob’ Dylan Hartley
3. Matt ‘Shakin’ Stevens
4. Courtney ‘Love’ Lawes
5. Tom ‘Robert’ Palmer
6. ‘Robson and’ Jerome Kaino
7. ‘Lionel’ Richie McCaw
8. ‘Debbie Harry’ Ordinary
9. ‘Del Amitri’ Yachvilli
10. Dan Carter ‘and the Unstoppable Sex Machine’
11. Sonny ‘and Cher’ Bill Williams
12. Shontayne Hape ‘Mondays’
13. Elvis ‘Pressley’ Seveali’i
14. Cory Jane’s Addiction’
15. ‘Robert’ Mils Muliania

16. James Slipper ‘knot’
17. Steve Thompson ‘Twins’
18. Louis ‘Deacon’ Blue
19. Nick ‘Kershaw’ Easter
20. Morgan Parra’more’
21. James ‘Sinead’ O’Connor
22. Ben ‘Fine’ Youngs ‘Cannibals’

Coach: Robbie ‘Williams’ Deans

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Rugby: Popstars XV

  1. Coach: Martin ‘Ulrika’ Johnson

    9 – ‘Piri’ Piri ‘Chicken’ Weepu
    10 – Quade ‘Tommy’ Cooper
    11 – Zac ‘Efron’ Guildord
    12 – Jamie ‘Julia’ Roberts

  2. Cian’O Reeves Healy
    or Kaino Reeves (for NZ folk)

    Only you guys could take perfectly awesome names like Mils Muliania, and Sonny Bill Williams and ruin them.. sheesh. You never fail @failing!
    Pff, popstars, cowboy names, wrestlers, and boxers names are way better.
    A more interesting idea: What rugby position would Maximus Decimus Meridius play? or Matt Damon?

    Phillips ‘The Screwdriver’ (literally)
    Comrade Smith
    Morne Steyn ‘his pants’
    Kahn ( Foutalai’i
    Tusi ‘easy’ pisi
    Mario y’Luigi Ladesma
    Rodrigo Roncero (I won’t touch that one)
    Maximilaino ‘Bustem’ Bustos
    Marcello ‘the fridge’ Bosch
    Gonzalo ‘Come’n atcha’ Comacho
    Martin ‘The Castrator’ Castrogiovani
    Luke ‘The Hitman’ McLean
    Jean Baptists Poux ‘his pants’
    Louis ‘hates’to’ Picamoles
    Maxime Mermoz (can’t touch it)
    Vincent ‘pistol shop’ Clerc
    Steven ‘ferret’em’out’ Ferris
    James ‘Slippy’ Slipper
    Rocky ‘Rambo’ Elsom
    Nathan ‘No blunts’ Sharpe
    Radike ‘Sumo’ Samo
    Berrick Barnes
    Quade ‘the quintessential’ Cooper
    Digby ‘youwanna?’ Ioane
    Drew ‘his colt’ Mitchell

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