Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Draw

Rugby World Cup Draw 2015The pool draw for the Rugby World Cup in 2015 was made today in London, with the top 12 teams divided amongst the four pools.

Here is the RWC pool draw:

[one_half] [box type=”shadow”]Pool A
Oceania 1
Play-off Winner[/box] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [box type=”shadow”]Pool B
South Africa
Asia 1
Americas 2[/box] [/one_half_last] [one_half] [box type=”shadow”]Pool C
New Zealand
Europe 1
Africa 1[/box] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [box type=”shadow”]Pool D
Americas 1
Europe 2[/box] [/one_half_last]

Now that the pool draw has been made, it won’t be long before the Rugby World Cup fixtures are announced…

Quarter-final fixtures:

QF1: Winner B v RU A
QF2: Winner C v RU D
QF3: Winner A v RU B
QF4: Winner D v RU C

Semi-finals are QF1 v QF2 and QF3 v QF4.

35 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Draw

  1. Relatively happy. Would rather not have Wales. But I was really just wanting to avoid NZ and SA. Saying that, do we really know who will be the side in three years time?

    Does anyone know why the draw is so early? Surely it can distort the groups as the seedings now are not as relevant in three years time.

      1. Yeh that is what I assumed, but it still seems like a long time? Do other sports have to make the draw for tournaments this early? I am sure that football doesn’t.

        1. Don’t know to be honest…! Football has the whole qualification process so will be different.

          Don’t really see a problem with the draw being this early, but it makes for fairly dull press conferences…’we don’t know how good teams will be in 3 years, but to win a World Cup you have to beat everyone.’

          1. Yeh it is really the issue of rankings seeming inaccurate in three years. Surely it is somewhat important to have the draw as close to the tournament as possible? As potentially, Wales England and Austrlia could all be top 4 or 5 sides by the time the world cup comes around?

  2. Pretty tough pool for England, but hopefully based on current form they will only get better and better in the run up to 2015. I’m of the opinion that in order to be the best, you have to beat the best, so can’t complain to much with this pool result.

  3. With Eng playing at Twickers and Wales at the MS, does anyone know where the Eng/ Wal match will be held? Is it a coin toss, or does Eng get home advantage?

    Would have preferred not have Wales, but 2007 and 2011 showed that those in tougher groups did better in the knock out stages. Having an easy group did NZ & Eng no favours in 07 and 11 respectively. Wonder what the betting is on Eng and Wal going through and Aussies out first round?

    1. Probably pretty good odds. Do you think its very likely considering all the young injured talent aus have and still beat both England and Wales this autumn?

      1. Well Wales could point to a few key injuries themselves to be fair and there is certainly a lot of potential in this young Eng. Add to that that both Eng and Wales will probably have home advantage…then yes I do think its a possibility. Nothing can be considered likely 3 yrs out though.

  4. I’m sure England will get home advantage as it is their WC but that might mean we get thrown the significant bone our of game against Aus being at the MS?

    It’s a tough group and does make a bit of a joke of the rankings (we beat Ireland twice this year yet they get Fra and Italy, we get Eng and Aus! :-)) but it’ll certainly make sure the group games are proper matches. Probably have Fiji in the group as well.

    1. You can’t complain the ranking are a good reflection of how we played this Autumn – third tier rugby. Nothing too daunting in this group but we are 3 years away, so early days, who knows how Teams will be performing.

    2. jez excuses already. Always the same from the deluded Welsh ye didn’t beat Ireland twice this year btw.. Ireland can beat all sh opposition except n z remember. Australia in rwc 2011.5 wins in last 8 years over s africa. Which Wales can’t manage in 6 attempts in last 12 months. So please stop making bloody excuses. In fairness the English don’t even go on like that these days.

      1. Johne, last two matches between Ireland and Wales, who won? Number of Irish semi final WC appearances? Number of Irish wins when it mattered? 0. Yet again you feel the need to dig into the welsh because your team can’t beat them.

        I wasn’t making excuses. I am very excited by this WC draw. Can’t wait for it.

      2. Ok not twice this year, after all they’ve only played once this in 2012… how about this statistic instead – Ireland havent beaten Wales since March 2010!?

        1. How about this statistic – since the start of the professional era (1995) IRL 14 wins to WLS 7 wins. And seeing as you like to troll – seem to remember Wales cheating to win one of those………zzzzzzzzzzzz

          Ding Dong

  5. Group of death alright but only ourselves to blame .Well you have to win at Twickenham at some time to win the thing I suppose .Just glad it’s not next weekend considering the levels of current confidence in both camps .At least our recent record against England is better than against Samoa !

  6. Happy with Ireland’s group but an awful lot of rugby has to be played over the next 3 years so who knows what state each country will be in

  7. Another easy draw for NZ!!!!

    I have the solution – a special pool for NZ with teams floating out of other pools to play them. NZ’s Pool – (This is how you beat them) Start with 3 matches v IRL Followed by AUS – ARG – SA – AUS (Twice more) -ARG – SA – ARG – SA – AUS – SCO – ITL – WLS – ENG
    (No point in playing France as they would throw it.)

    The bastards would probably still get out of the pool though!

    Ding Dong

    1. Now there’s an idea…!

      Let’s hope Ireland win Pool D, with France as runners-up, going through to beat the All Blacks in the QFs – maybe at the Millennium Stadium!

  8. I was initially frustrated that England didn’t quite make the top four, but actually Group A could have been exactly the same. England’s place in the top four was likely to be at the expense of Australia…

  9. Pretty happy with the draw as it will make for a cracking World Cup from the off, especially for English, Welsh and Aus fans, no dead rubbers for us!

  10. Not happy with the group as it stands and Wales would be on the M4 heading home for sure. That said its over two years until the WC and so by then, Howley would have resigned and taken the Loony with him. Please if any one knows of any one who can play at 10 contact the fabulous WRU CEO without delay.

    1. I know a bloke, he’s called Dan. Dan Biggar. You might not have heard of him, Gatland and Howley haven’t, but he’s been one of the best fly halfs at club level in recent years.

  11. Given England is hosting the World Cup, I’m assuming they’ll be playing games in Wales, and Wales will therefore host Australia at Cardiff.

    As such, being an Aussie, I’m sh|t scared that Australia will not make the finals!

    Bloody hell. Would have Australia being better off losing to Wales in the last game given they didn’t get 2nd IRB World Ranking?

  12. I know it never really works out like this but it seems there’s a HUGE incentive to qualify winners in Group A and avoid NZ and SA until the final.

    You’d jump at a Samoa or Scotland QF and a France/Ireland/Italy/Argentina/Tonga SF.

    Already bloody excited.

    p.s. the Lions are in 6 months! GET OVER TO AUSTRALIA!

  13. Interesting article on the BBC Rugby Union page about the WRU pushing for the Aus & Eng group games to be played at the MS.

    As Roger Lewis puts it..

    “I think they [England] would embrace the opportunity to play in the finest rugby stadium in the world”

    Im sure thats exactly how England see it! :)

  14. Well that did make me laugh if Roger Lewis could swing that one then he will have earned his salary . Australia more likely to have to play two “away games ” and england home for them all fair play it is their World cup .

  15. i think the english should honestly make plans to support another team after the knock out stages,, it would be very foolish indeed to assume they are into the playoffs

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