Live Stream: Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Draw

Webb Ellis Cup

You can watch a live stream of the Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Draw in London right here on The Rugby Blog.

The stream will begin at 14:55 GMT, and you can watch it using the player below. Feel free to share this link and spread the word as we await the fate of each nation!

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9 thoughts on “Live Stream: Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Draw

  1. I hope Ireland don’t get loaded into the same group as New Zealand and Wales. Let’s face it, every second-tier team feels that way. Don’t particularly want Scotland either.

  2. NZ and Wales are definitely the ones to avoid. Let’s face it Wales were still competitive in the AI’s despite their first 20 odd front five players being in the hospital. Back 5 are pretty much as good as anyone in the world if given ball.

  3. As a Welshman, my initial despair at how this Autumn has gone and what it’s meant in terms of WC seeding seems to be lifting.

    Based on WC2011, it’s entirely feasible that we end up with exactly the same group (SA, Samoa etc). A group that we negotiated successfully. I understand of course that that doesnt mean we’d do it again, but it is reason not to be as pessimistic as i have been for the past 24 hours.

    I also imagine that no matter which home nation you’re from, we’re all probably hoping that we dont draw eachother! For Wales? I’m hoping to draw France & Samoa. (I think Argentina with another 3 years rugby championship experience will be a different prospect to the Argentina side we currently know).

    1. Horrible look. My money is on Wales going out in the group stages..nasty luck, but nobody can predict the future.

      1. Totally agree. If the WC was next week i’d be worried. Thankfully, it’s 3 years away and who knows what’s in store between now and then..

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