Six Nations 2017: Round 2 Team of the Week

Here is the Team of the Week for the Six Nations Round 2, which is entirely objective based solely on points from the Superbru Fantasy Six Nations game.

We know that there are some players out of position, and that there are more teams from some countries than you are allowed to select, but it’s not a bad starter for discussion!


How reflective do you think this is of the weekend’s performances? Dominated by Irish after their romp in Rome, but is that right? Who has missed out unfairly?

8 thoughts on “Six Nations 2017: Round 2 Team of the Week

  1. I would have Johnny Gray in the second row alongside Launchbury. The fact that Scotland played against a very tough French pack means that none of the Scots forwards have been included. I wonder how many of these Irish players will appear in the team of the week when they play France?

  2. I am not sure those stats completely take into account Wales back row, who were brilliant at the weekend. I am an Englishman btw ;) Though to be fair Picamoles and Stander are quite some players. I would def change Hughes for Moriarty though

    I would keep Lawes and Launchberry together. Though I do think J Gray is an excellent player.

    1. Is it based on Superbru stats and as none of the scrum halves really went on long sniping breaks this weekend, then try scoring is probably the next most profitable method for scoring points here for scrum halves, and as Youngs nabbed one and no-one else did this naturally places him the highest scoring scrum half for the weekend, doesn’t mean to say he was the best by other more subjective measures.

      1. Gives credence to the saying that there are lies, damned lies and statistics Big Dai. England always look sharper with Care at 9. On Saturday Webb got the ball away quicker and far more accurately from the base of the scrum and was generally more prominent. I thought Seren looked pretty good for France as well. Only seen highlights of Ireland game but it seems harsh on Wales that they have no players in this selection. Moriarty was dynamite and Warburton looked back to his best.

  3. If anyone wants more proof that statistics don’t tell the story, there’s 7 Irish players and yet no room for Tadgh Furlong, who had another one of his consistently excellent games.

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