POLL: Who should captain England in the Autumn Internationals?

Chris Robshaw was Lancaster’s original choice, and the Harlequins flanker presided over a largely successful tenure as national captain. When he was rested over the summer, however, Tom Wood took over for the tour to Argentina, where England won both of their test matches in impressive style. Geoff Parling can press his claims as one of the few players likely to be guaranteed a starting spot for the foreseeable future, while Dylan Hartley and Toby Flood are more wildcard options, although they do both do the job for their clubs.

Who do you think should take the England captaincy for the Autumn Internationals?

Who should be England's next captain?

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9 thoughts on “POLL: Who should captain England in the Autumn Internationals?

  1. It would be a pity to ‘demote’ Chris Robshaw but I have to admit he did look a bit flustered in the Scarlets match. Parling is impressive as a leader but perhaps not inspirational enough. It has to be Wood I reckon although he may not keep his place in the team longer term.

    1. I might have said that before, but did you happen to catch the taster of the Lions Raw documentary last week on Sky? There was some fantastic dressing room footage of Parling giving a pretty decent speech at half time of one of the games. I think he’s respected and inspirational enough to do a good job.

  2. I find it hard to vote for anyone but Robbo, but whoever does get it should be a regular player for the country, someone whose position will not come under threat.

    Cue Parling.

    But… Lancaster needs to stop f*cking about with this. It does nothing for player morale, or for the team. Make the captain decision, and make it a permanent one, keep the stability there and build for 2015 properly.

    1. I do agree with you that we need to select a captain for 2015 – but I don’t agree that it is SLs fault.

      He obviously wanted Wood to be Captain but an injury ruined his plans. Then Robshaw impressed an kept the job, all the while SL probably knew he didn’t view Robshaw as the long term skipper.

      Wood is my choice. And I think that is who SL will go for.

  3. A quick point Andy on Parling keeping his position. If Lawes keeps improving his form and composure I can see him mounting a challenge to be alongside Launchbury who looks a shoe in at the moment. Parling is great in defence but Lawes puts the fear of death in the opposition with the ferocity of his tackling.

    1. Lawes is a clumsy oaf more like! He’s often caught out of position (offside) and he gives away far too many penalty’s (illegal play).

      Anyway my choice for captain is Robshaw. Stand by the man whose done you proud thus far, and embodied the ethos of the team. Wood captained the side against Argentina fairly well, but that was against a heavily weakened outfit. You Southerners know no loyalty!

      1. I’m more with Liam than Roy on the matter of Lawes. I still think that he is a yellow card waiting to happen or at worst an idiotic blunder. Not so worried if he is an impact sub as he has less time to muck it all up, but would be concerned with him as a starter.

        I did vote for Robshaw as he has done nothing wrong IMO, but would also be happy with Wood or Parling. I’m one of those that thought that Parling was very well respected on the Lions tour and would make an inspirational captain.

  4. I voted for Tom Wood, levelling the vote funnily enough. He is our best flanker, and should always be on the pitch (either at 6 or 7, depending on who out of Croft, Robshaw and Kvesic partners him).
    It’s nothing against Robshaw, I just think Wood is a better player and is thus more likely to become a nailed on starter.
    Comparing Wood and Robshaw, I think Wood is a better tackler and better at getting over the ball, as well as slightly faster. Robshaw however is a better carrier, statistically England’s best if I’m not mistaken, (although Billy may have something to say about that). Which is why Robshaw’s is still my first choice to partner Wood. Two so called “6.5s”, one more focused on attack, always offering himself to crash over the gainline and spark some momentum. The other more focused on the defensive arts of tackling and jackelling. This provides balance, essential to back row selection.
    Not to mention, Wood was Lancaster’s first choice for captaincy and would have led England in the 2012 6 nations were it not for injury. Given his success in Argentina; I think he deserves the chance to show what he was denied to do nearly 2 years ago.

    1. I don’t know about Wood being a better tackler or being better at getting over the ball than Robshaw. Robshaw is very good at both and I think his statistics show that.

      I agree that Wood and Robshaw complement each other very well. England is a force at the breakdown when Wood is at 6 and Robshaw at 7.

      Wood’s success in Argentina? Argentina played with a second/third choice players. It would have been a problem if he didn’t stand out. We need to keep that tour in perspective.

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