POLL: Who will win the 2013-2014 Heineken Cup?

Who do you think will win what is set to be the last ever Heineken Cup? Can anyone wrestle it away from France, or will one of the cash-rich Top 14 clubs triumph again? Vote for one of the teams below – listed in bookmakers’ odds order – and leave your justifications in the comments section below.

Who will win the Heineken Cup this year?

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16 thoughts on “POLL: Who will win the 2013-2014 Heineken Cup?

  1. It’s hard to look past the French teams and Leinster really. I’d love you to be right about some upsets Moggy, especially with it probably being the last one.

    I’m a Scarlets fan but I’m struggling to see us winning more than one game in our group.

    P.S Which joker voted for Zebre!!

  2. Think that Sarries have got the team this year and maybe a bit more about their game to do better in Europe.

    I think that are probably about 8 teams that could win it.

    And there will be some surprises – there always are!

  3. Gone with Cleremont, as they have been so close and just a hunch it will be their year and they will shade Toulon. I’ve not seen Leinster without Sexton but I don’t expect them to be the same force.

    Think Sarries will be the best of the English clubs, they have a giant pack and a giant squad (allowing them to rest players!). Wouldn’t be surprised to see them make last 4 and maybe a final.

  4. Votes a bit more spread out than I was expecting… As if Glasgow have more than Toulon?! As well as they are playing I’m not sure that’s entirely realistic….

    1. We should get out our group, but I feel we might end up in the Amlin, which wouldn’t be a bad thing tbh!

  5. I don’t know about the French clubs. For some reason, I feel like they are not as good as they have been in the past (despite their players) and will beat each other up in the Top 14. The Top 14 seems like it’s a closer competition. The top 11 clubs are all within 7 points of each other. Oyonnax has beaten some top teams.

    I feel the same about Leinster.

    I like an English club this season. I can definitely see the Saracens or Saints winning it. The Ospreys might surprise.

  6. It’s a tough one to pick this year I think. The way the top 14 is going at the minute giving a shout to any of those sides is tough as many of the top sides have been humbled by lower sides. Some of the top teams just don’t seem to have been at all on the boil in what I’ve been watching of it.

    The Celtic sides are difficult to judge. I’ve certainly noticed that Munster have been resting a lot of players, but I think Leinster and Ulster have also been pretty lacklustre. Glasgow are possibly looking the best shout from the league, but is that artificial? I remember a couple of years ago an 11th placed Edinburgh making a semi so it’s tough to pick from there.

    The only side I’d say has looked especially strong within their league is Sarries at this stage and I think I could see them overturning Toulouse in the pool. It’s about as much confidence as I can have in a team at this stage, but even their wins came over a sub-par Gloucester and a poorly rotated Bath squad on the plastic pitch, but they’ve also had good wins over Harlequins and the Exiles.

    I’ve gone with Saracens, but I have limited confidence in them to actually go through and win it.

    1. A Celtic nation resting players. Am very surprised that Brighty hasn’t gone into orbit with that statement!

    2. Think Sarries rotated 11 or 12 players last weekend, if you can’t beat them, join them I guess (how they fund it is another matter).

      1. Sarries have rotated a lot of players, but they’re still winningso they’re obviously doing a better job

  7. Very tough for Leinster this time round. Pool of death… team in transition…. sun in their eyes…

    Hate to say it but me waters are saying Clermont.


  8. WTF – Transition me arse – That was great!
    Never doubted Leinster ; )

    As for Clermont – never trust your waters.


  9. Would you look at that, I was right about the chiefs. Mark my words in 9 months time the chiefs will be top of the pile.

  10. Leinster played the early games with 80% of the international players missing.
    May just do it again. As for missing Sexton! You’d hardly notice. Also, it was a mostly leinster team that run NZ so close!

  11. Leinster played the early games with most of the international players missing.
    As for missing Sexton! You’d hardly notice. Also, it was a mostly leinster team that run NZ so close! Could do it again!

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