Pre-Season Rugby Fitness Training Programme

Pre-season fitness training at the top rugby clubs is already in full swing, but if you’re looking to get in shape for the new season, check out this detailed pre-season fitness programme.

The plan has been developed by our sponsor Sci-Mentor Nutrition, and there is plenty of information and sample training sessions that you can use to get yourself fit for your first game in September.

Click below to download the training guide.

Pre Season Rugby Fitness

There is also a special Pre-Season Nutrition Bundle available from Sci-Mentor, which is exceptional value at £49.99 for several different products, so check it out!

Readers of The Rugby Blog can get a very generous 50% discount on all Sci-Mentor products by ordering on and using the code THERUGBYBLOG.

7 thoughts on “Pre-Season Rugby Fitness Training Programme

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