16 thoughts on “Rate the match: Australia vs England, 3rd Test

  1. What a game to finish on. And what a result


    I’d have been very pleased if they’d won one!

  2. Voted 8 as a sort of bare minimum considering the defensive lapses (especially Nowell and Youngs for the first try), not surprising given it’s the last 80 of the season and the energy spent in the defensive effort last week. For the fantastic ebb and flow (10 times the lead changed over!!) and the fact that this is arguably the second greatest achievement in English rugby history I perhaps should have awarded it a 9 or 10. Probably Australia’s best performance all tour, probably our worst but we still came out on the right side of an 84 point epic. Dead rubber? No such thing between Eng/Aus. If I was Robshaw, I’d be keeping the #GetYourGoldOn promo on my iPod for the rest of my life, what a downright hilarious little memento that cock up has proven to be. And props to Michael Lynagh who was slated by his own for saying England could achieve the whitewash prior to the series.
    Impressed that even at the end of the season Hartley was throwing out the buzz phrase of the month “we go again”. Really gives the vibe that Eddie has instilled an not just an innate desire to be better and get better but also the awareness of the hard work needed for it to happen. England are just starting to develop that aura that surrounds the likes of Djokovic, Ronaldo and the ABs. Four matches at Twickenham next and considering the toughest of them will be the side we just whitewashed, these players will have every belief that they can emulate the ABs circa 2013 and complete a calendar year undefeated.
    Side note; Itoje’s season beggars belief. 26 games started for club and country, 26 games won. AP and ECC double (with European PotY award to boot), Grand Slam and summer whitewash achieved at international level too. It sounds ridiculous to actually say it but if he can pick up a MotM award or two against SA/Arg he must surely be in the conversation of World Rugby PotY…

    Out of interest my stream cut out right before their gloss try so I missed the ceremony, was there a player of the series award or was it just some deflated Aussie handing Hartley the Cook Cup?
    Had we won 2-1 then for the two games that mattered, my vote would be Haskell, with the whitewash I have to give it to Farrell.

    1. It was a deflated Aussie Tom

      Man of the series Itoje for me. Played brilliantly throughout, put at 6 tonight with the game in the balance and it didn’t faze him one bit.

      But then there are so many to choose from – Vunipolas V & M, Hartley for his captaincy, Cole proved he’s not a spent force, Kruis immense in all 3 games doing the tough stuff, Haskell and Robshaw playing with a new lease of life, Ford playing through all his woes and Farrell showing he is world-class.

  3. This is by far the best I have felt since 2003.Now 2nd in the world and we have an excellent chance of doing the AB’s in 2018.Eddie is a genius.Took over a rabble and produced 9/9 wins.Can anyone quote a similar achievement in international rugby?Took SCW 6 years to do it

  4. I think the biggest compliment you can give EJ and the team is that ,particularly after Saturdays game, they would not look out of place in the Tri Nations. The fitness, discipline ,endeavour and intelligence were first class. England have lost the fear of failure that was so prevalent under the last regime. Yes,there were lapses,the first up tackling being the most concerning and I’m sure Eddie had one or two words about shipping forty points but if someone had said last september that come next summer England would have won a slam, beaten Wales twice, then gone down under and stuck 100 plus points on the Wallabies while simultaneously winning all three tests, they would have been confined to a padded cell for the rest of their natural.

    Add in the crop of upcoming talent ,the Saxons and the u 20’s and the future looks a great deal rosier than we could have imagined.

    Give yourself a holiday now Eddie. You’ve earned it!

  5. A lot of fans from other countries probably don’t realise how traumatic and devastating England’s humiliation in their own World Cup at the hands of Wales and Australia was. So edging past Wales (oh so close!) in the 6N at Twickenham then beating Australia in this series was a magnificent and much-needed response. English fans, rejoice – but beware. England had to do something presto, and have done it. But other countries are in a different part of the 4 year cycle. To be honest, it’s a bit early to peak! Eddie Jones is certainly no fool, and he knows that England still have masses to do, and that Wallabies were very below par. It’s what happens over the four-years that really counts, so we’ll see. I for one can’t wait for next Autumn, England v New Zealand at Twickenham. Could be a cracker!

  6. England look a very good unit, play to a plan obviously having Eddie has made the difference. They just need one or two X-factor players in the back line to challenge the All Blacks, Otoje was outstanding!!

  7. An outstanding game, and a fantastic achievement. Amazing effort from the whole squad throughout the series and so many players playing at world class level. Eddie has instilled a belief in the the players that they are the best but that they need to prove it.
    Again we saw the ruthless side of Eddie bringing Harrison off early when he realised it wasn’t working as he liked. Itoje still outstanding at 6, and constantly making a nuisance of himself at the breakdown.

    1. Bit torn on this – I thought it was really harsh to haul Harrison off. He wasn’t playing badly at all (in contrast to Burrell). That being said, I guess he wanted an extra lock on, or maybe simply that he wanted Itoje to roam a bit freer.

      1. I agree i don’t think Harrison played badly but it wasn’t quite what EJ wanted, either that or this was mind games getting Aus to prepare for one type of game and then switching it up early. For me I don’t have aproblem with subs coming on after 30 rather than 30 from the end gives the same amount of game time as if they had come off the bench

        1. Disagree with this somewhat, Thought Harrison was getting smashed at the breakdown and knocked back in the tackle. ESPN Scrum have him as making 1 tackle and missing 3

          Not as obvious as Burrell and his defensive errors, but he seemed to be the weak link and the breakdown improved noticeably once he had gone. A very good decision by EJ

          I think the pace and fury of the game may have taken him by surprise. He’ll be back though as I think he is good enough for this level

          1. Fair enough the stats seem to bear out your opinion that he wasn’t getting it right defensively he also had 2 carries for 3 meters which is fairly average.
            Lets hope he has learned from this and comes back stronger

      2. I thought at the time it was a bit harsh as it was quite early in the game, but he was quite un-noticeable, unlike Haskell who was smashing everyone and being a nuisance. I don’t think he was playing badly, Im just not sure he was fully prepared for the intensity, whereas Itoje had already played in the first two tests and proved he could handle it………..and then some!!

  8. Clifford would have been a better choice to begin with in the third test! He looks stronger, has electrifying pace (that try!) and no fear. Eddie will have him marked down as his go to man now. Shame for Harrison but all is swings and roundabouts and Eddie is the winner which is as it should be! No Lancaster fannying around with endless permutations! SCW knew his team and he went places! Likewise EJ or very shortly SEJ!

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