RWC 2015 fixture times and ticket prices announced

England Rugby and Rugby World Cup Limited have announced the fixture times for the RWC 2015.

There is a uniform spread of four kick-off times for the pool stages: 12:00, 14:30, 17:00 and 20:00. This compares favourably to a range of 11 times for France 2007 and nine at New Zealand 2011.

The opening match of Rugby World Cup 2015, between hosts England and the Oceania 1 qualifier at Twickenham, kicks off at 20:00 on September 18. New Zealand’s title defence will begin against Argentina at Wembley at 17:00 on September 20, while the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals are scheduled for 14:00 and 17:00 at the Millennium Stadium and Twickenham. The Rugby World Cup 2015 Final at Twickenham will kick-off at 17:00 on October 31, guaranteeing a prime-time television platform in the host nation.

Check out the full fixture list here.

Ticket prices, and how you can buy them, have also been announced. 2.3 million tickets will go on sale in 2014, with more than one million available at less than £100, while 500,000 will be priced at £50 or less. At 41 of 48 matches, children will be able to get £7 or £15 tickets, and adult prices will start at £15.

Price ranges:

Pool matches – £7-£315
Knockout stages – £15-£515
Final – £150-£715

Key dates to purchase tickets:

January 1, 2014 – Travelling fan packages go on sale (available to everyone through Official Travel Agents)
February 2, 2014 – Hospitality packages go on sale
May/June 2014 – Tickets on sale to Rugby fans through Rugby clubs
September 2014 – General sale application process begins
November/December 2014 – Real time sale of remaining tickets

One year out from the tournament, in September 2014, tickets will go on general sale by a public application process. Fans can apply for tickets, with oversubscribed matches being entered into a ballot system.

England 2015 Chief Executive Debbie Jevans said: “Today we are launching our ticketing plans so that fans understand the ticketing process for Rugby World Cup 2015. We want the tournament to be a celebration of Rugby, encouraging more people to support and enjoy the game.

“We have a range of ticket prices for every budget – for fans and families who want to come to one of the world’s greatest sports events. Our ticketing programme is built for fans who support the Game week in week out, whilst encouraging a new generation of Rugby fans through Rugby World Cup 2015.”

IRB Chief Executive Brett Gosper added: “This announcement represents a fantastic opportunity for fans around the world to experience what promises to be a very special Rugby World Cup. It is the day that they can start to plan. There are affordable and accessible options to suit every need.”

7 thoughts on “RWC 2015 fixture times and ticket prices announced

  1. So no surprises here then, expect a lot of Grannies to be appearing on E-Bay to pay for some of these tickets.

    As I live in Coventry, Villa Park and Leicesters Crisp Bowl are the closest to me and I may be tempted to part with £50 Argentina V Tonga or South Africa V Samoa as I would like to see a competitive game but these would be for the nose bleeds/cheap seats, or maybe the £20/£35 tickets for Argentina V Africa 1.

    I would be interested in the Canada V Europe 2 game if kick off were later than 17:00 on a Tuesday, Leicester isn’t a busy place a rush hour at all (sarcasm implied). If this were later and say Georgia were the opposition it could be a interesting game but I’m totally not interested Australia V Play Off Winner as it will be like shooting fish in a barrel and to be honest I don’t want to just watch a game to say ‘I Was There’.

      1. Hi Jamie I know but the £15 adult tickets are not availible at 41 of the 48 games unless they are intending selling them on the day, in the link only 7 games have adult tickets for £15.

        1. Ah sorry, should have made it clearer – the £15 entry point doesn’t refer specifically to the 41 of 48 games, but rather the tournament in general.

  2. Honestly, I think the pricing is OK.

    Sure, it would have been lovely to have far cheaper tickets, but England at Twickenham for any game is not cheap.

    I can take my son to watch New Zealand-Argentina at Wembley for £65 for the two of us. have to say that that feels like good value.

  3. I’m intrigued by the pricing. Cat A tix for Wales v (probably) Fiji are listed as

    Cat A Cat B Cat C (Child) Cat D (Child)
    £175.00 £125.00 £85.00 (£15.00) £50.00 (£15.00)

    I mean … really? I’m going to see Wal v Aus this weekend for £60, Wal v Fra in the 6 nations for £80. I’ve never seen anything approaching £175 – I’m intrigued by what a Cat A seat the MS looks like given it’s normally all the same price given the relatively great views from every seat (with some exceptions).

    I’m not moaning – if you don’t like it then don’t pay I think. I’m just amazed that a game v Fiji looks like it will be £125 a ticket for the “medium quality” seats? Will they really get ~75,000 in against Fiji at that price? Am I just hopelessly out of touch here and this is actually fine, the lustre of it being a WC match is worth the extra ~£85 compared to paying to see Wales play Fiji in an AI?

    Umm, do you know what, I am going to moan now I have seen this

    26/09 – 20:00 England

    Wales Twickenham
    Cat A Cat B Cat C (Child) Cat D (Child)
    £315.00 £215.00 £160.00 (£15.00) £75.00 (£15.00)

    £215 for a medium quality adult ticket? For a game I can watch every year for about £80? Wow. I mean, I know it’s the WC but I still don’t get the attraction enough to ~triple the ticket price?

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