POLL: Who was the player of the 2014 Six Nations?


Who was your player of the 2014 Six Nations? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts on your selection in the comments section below:

Who was the 2014 Six Nations Player of the Championship?

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23 thoughts on “POLL: Who was the player of the 2014 Six Nations?

  1. Anyone not voting for Mike Brown needs to have a look at themselves. So far ahead of any other player this 6 nations.

    Surprised not to see Lawes and Launchbury on this list? Both been class all tournament.

    Only players that come close to Brown are those two, Healy and Trimble in my opinion.

    1. Should have pointed out, that’s the official list released by RBS 6 Nations. Agree that Launchbury and Lawes are pretty glaring omissions, as is someone like Chris Henry.

      1. Ah right I see. I thought that may be the case as I know they were missing from the official list too.

        It is a strange list.

        Are the obliged to put someone from every nation on the list? Ghiraldini and Denton feel a bit strange on the list….

        1. I don’t think they’re actually obliged, but I think they automatically do it to avoid offence. It has to be said that in spite of what happened to their teams in the tournament, Denton and Ghiraldini were both working and fighting hard to keep their teams in it. If it weren’t for Denton, the only man on the pitch for Scotland at times, their loss to England would have been much heavier. Ghiraldini also had some good games and it has to be pointed out that playing well in a poor team is much more difficult than playing well in a good team

  2. Warburton and Healy really?

    What was Healy put forward for ‘Best impression of a cannon ball hitting Picamoles head?’

  3. I think brown would probably be most peoples pick but agree with comments that both lawes and launchbury should be there and am I the only one who thought burrell was up there??

  4. People may be aware that I’m not a big fan of Brown, but what he’s done this 6N has been undeniably impressive.

    I’m still not convinced by Lawes. Against France I was unhappy at his discipline and felt he should have been yellow carded for pulling down in the lineout 10 minutes in. Against Ireland he pulled down a maul and lay all over the ball 5m out and there were numerous times where I saw him do something colossally stupid. He deserved his MotM award, but I don’t think he’s close to the list, there are a lot of English players ahead of him in my mind. That said, I’d have rated him ahead of Cían Healy who I think is very lucky not to have been red carded or cited for his diving headbutt against France, but also only looked average.

    Not many votes for BOD. All sentiments aside, he was crucial for a lot of Ireland’s good work, setting up tries, organising defence, and making a lot of the plays for Ireland. Central to Ireland’s win over Wales and France and ultimately had the biggest influence on who finished top of the tournament. Next best choice after Brown in my eyes.

  5. I’m surprised Burrell, Lawes and Launchbury aren’t there. The second row were probably the best second row in the tournament and every team of the tourney I’ve seen so far have either Burrell at 13, or BOD there with Burrell inside him.
    3 tries (very nearly double that) in his debut 6 nations as well as a few assists, all whilst out of position. He has been a really good find, definitely my newcomer of the tournament.

  6. Really strange list to choose from! How Chris Robshaw, Jamie Heaslip, Ghiraldini or Sam Warburton are on there I’ll never know! (They played well, but far off the best!)
    I would like to see Courtney Lawes in there, I think he’d get my vote! I also think Owen Farrel had a great championship. But Mike Brown undoubtedly deserves it, I remember when he was second to the likes of Goode and Foden, but now he’s miles ahead!

    1. He doesn’t need me to stick up for him but in a list of 16 best I’d say Sam deserves his place. And no, it wasn’t me who voted for him. I voted for Mr Angry as everyone else should if they’ve got any eyes.

  7. If you’re voting for Healy then you must really by physically unable to put a tick next to an English name. Healy wasn’t even the best Irish player never mind best player overall. He darn near cost Ireland the trophy – Hogg gets lambasted, Healy gets praised and the only difference is shoddy refereeing of the latter.

    1. It’s amazing Brighty that even after going to the TMO, and watching it back on the big screen that Healy still wasn’t carded. Anyone who thinks that was unintentional is watching with blinkers on. A bit like his stamp on Dan Cole, because that was so obviously unintentional as well.

  8. wow so many votes for mike brown, thought he was pretty average if im being perfectly honest nothing special, think healy was outstanding worlds best loosehead prop atm by far, deserves player of the tourament if u ask me. followed closely by bod and ghiraldini

  9. I think I texted my dad after the NZ win in 2012 saying something along the lines of “I finally see the point of Mike Brown”.

    I *never* thought he would make it at international grade. I always had him pegged as too small, too slow – a great club player who wouldn’t make it at the top level.

    Boy was I wrong.

  10. The result is beginning to look a bit like a North Korean election ,not that I disagree with it .Off to the gulags with the dissenters .

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